Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 1192

The landscapers finished their work this afternoon and the yard now looks nicer than I've seen it in years. The design looks good and the plants look healthy. My only gripe is that the price ended up being a bit more than the estimate. I shouldn't have been surprised. Everyone's price, with the lone exception of my own, always ends up being more than expected.

At least the landscapers didn't gouge me as much as the Land Rover dealer. They called today to tell me that they'd discovered my problem. It was exactly as I expected. I need a new fuel pump. As you might expect, Land Rover is rather fond of their fuel pumps. The pump for my Defender 90 is about four times as expensive as a similar pump for a Ford F-150 pickup.

The second day of Spring wasn't nearly as nice as the first one. It's gotten cold again. There's supposed to be rain either tomorrow or Saturday and for once, I'm looking forward to it. It would be nice to give the new vegetation a good soaking before I have to start watering every day. It will take about a month for the new sod to start establishing a root system, so I'm going to have to keep everything wet for quite a while. Talk to me again about how much I like the new yard after the dogs start coming inside with muddy paws every evening.

The insurance agent didn't end up coming over to the house today after all. He called and told me that he had to wait for some new forms before he could sign me up. "Does this mean that rates are going up," I asked. Of course the answer was yes. Rates are going up.

I finished two articles and modified two websites today. That's pretty good for me. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be so busy. I'd like to look for a new breakfast restaurant. The holy grail now is a tasty, and a bit spicy, breakfast meal that contains no eggs or dairy products, no meat, and no wheat. I'm not sure what this would be at this point, but I'm convinced that this illusive dish has got to be out there somewhere.

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