Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 1196

There is a different rhythm to Mondays now. I need to remember to water the new grass and shrubs. Dot has a standing acupuncture appointment at the vet on Monday afternoons now. There are no eggs to cook anymore. I eat oatmeal mixed with fresh fruit these days. The sun hasn't quite caught up with Daylight Savings Time yet, so it's dark again in the morning when I wake up. The dogs don't like to get up in the dark, so we sleep in a bit later. Even the pills I take in the mornings are different now. Slowly, all these new activities are becoming habits. I am definitely a creature of habit, so it is only a matter of time before these new routines become the old routines again and I start thinking I've been doing them forever.

I found some additional tax documents when I was cleaning the office yesterday, so I drove them over to my accountant and told him to add them to my tax file. As I was driving, I noticed that the Defender still ran rough between 1000 and 2000 RPM. After two expensive repairs where I specifically mentioned that the engine was running rough, you would think that Land Rover would have the solved the problem by now. If someone would have spent ten minutes giving the car a test drive, they'd know exactly what the problem was. Nobody does that anymore though. They just hook the car up to a computer, and if they get a good readout, they're done. If I have to take the car back to the shop again, I think the repairs should be free this time. I've paid enough already.

I called another roofer today. Since I'm not having much luck getting a final bid from the first two roofers, I thought it wouldn't hurt to add a third to the mix. This guy was the one who specialized in sprayed on foam roofs that I told you about earlier. Since his company is located in Wichita Falls, lord knows when he'll actually show up to give me an estimate.

Dot did pretty well with her acupuncture treatment this afternoon. She's still nervous about going to the vet, but once she's looking like a pincushion, with a row of small needles on either side of her spine, she is actually quite relaxed. I'll probably never know if it is the acupuncture treatments, or just Dot's stubborn tenacity that is responsible for her walking again. She does seems better though. That's all that counts.

I'll be glad when Spring decides to return. I know we don't have snow like some parts of the country, but it's still unseasonably cold this week. I had to bundle up again this morning when I took the dogs on their walk. It's hard to believe that temperatures were over seventy degrees less than a week ago.

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