Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1203

Did anything happen today? I don't think so. The combination of a slow Monday and April Fool's Day made me a bit skeptical of everything I saw on the Internet or heard on TV.  Pranking seems the thing to do these days. Google+ was full of plausible misinformation. I'm not a big fan of practical jokes, but kept thinking it would be funny if everything on Wikipedia and The Onion were actually true today. Who knows. Maybe Kim Jong Un's belicose treats to annihilate the world are just an elaborate April Fool's Joke. I'm a fairly literal person and I find it increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. Are the president and congress just pranking us, or is the world really this screwed up? Maybe Kris Kristofferson said it best, when he wrote. "He's a walkin' contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction," Every day is April Fool's to me.

After bragging to the vet during her acupuncture session about how quickly Dot seemed to be recovering, she appeared to have a rough time just an hour later on her evening walk. I guess that just goes to show that you've got to take almost everything one day at a time. Dot is an old dog. I can't let myself forget that.

I wrote some articles today for clients who are still on vacation until Wednesday or Thursday. I don't know what the rush was. I guess I just like to keep busy. I don't like to keep too busy though. Even though I still need some more rocks to complete the back yard, I haven't made a return visit to the rock store yet. Moving all those rocks around last week was hard work. Writing articles is much easier. I'll write another article tomorrow and save the rocks for later.

Janet and I have started receiving an avalanche of mail and telephone calls, all telling us that it's time to start thinking about Medicare. Hey, why don't you wait a while guys. I feel old enough already. I had no idea that Medicare was such a profitable business. Dozens of companies are spending big money sending out fancy four-color brochures and hiring telemarketing companies to solicit my business. I don't know about Medicare, but I do know about marketing. If there wasn't a big profit in all this, these companies wouldn't be trying nearly as hard to get my business. 

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