Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 1206

I had to go get a steroid shot for my Poison Ivy this morning. As luck would have it, the doctor who treated me was one of the same doctors I photographed several weeks ago. Luckily, she liked her picture. It's always awkward to get an injection from someone who hates the photo you took of them. Yeah, I know that I told you guys I don't like steroid and cortisone shots just yesterday. It's just about the only remedy I've been able to find that can clear up a bad case of Poison Ivy though. Hopefully, this will be the only case I get this season. I'm very susceptible to Poison Ivy, and the dogs run through patches of the stuff in the park all the time. I'm doomed.

I completed two difficult retrofits to client websites today. Whenever I get these type of assignments, I feel like blurting out "Why didn't you tell me you wanted this when I first designed the site? It would have been so much easier then." The client is always right though, and all of them are a lot more fond of change than I am. I don't think I've ever changed my own website.

I'll really be glad when this cold, wet weather we've been having this week runs its course. It's a constant chore to keep the water of the roof and the mud off the dogs. My boots are just as muddy as the dogs paws when we return from our walks, so I've got to clean those too. The only saving grace is that we've got brick floors. Brick is the most dog friendly surface you can have. Does your dog track mud in the house? No problem. Does your dog occasionally poop in the house? No problem there either. Even water dripping from a leaky roof does far less damage to a brick floor than it would to wood or carpet. I'm a big fan of brick floors.

Good news! I finally got one of the best architects in Dallas to tell me the name of his favorite roofer. Now we're talking! Maybe there's hope for my roof yet.

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