Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 1210

I liked the roofing people that came over to look at the house today. These roofers work almost exclusively with architects on new construction jobs, as opposed to all the other roofers who seem to spend most of their time dealing with insurance claims adjustors on hail damage jobs. I was genuinely impressed with these guys. They were knowledgeable and were able to come up with creative solutions to my own peculiar roofing problems. Unless their bid comes in prohibitively high, I think I've found the company that's going to put on my new roof.

It looks like Dot is going to be seeing a neurologist in the neat future. When I described Dot's symptoms to the vet this afternoon, she said that Dot was most likely experiencing either a mild petite-mal seizure, or showing very early signs of a possible brain tumor. I made a short movie of Dot last night and when my vet saw it, she pointed out some telltale signs of abnormal vestibulo-ocular movement that indicated Dot was probably feeling a severe case of vertigo and was having difficulty maintaining an upright orientation. This all made a lot of sense, and seemed to describe Dot's two other incidents perfectly. Evidently, this type of balance disorder can be an early sign of inner ear problems, low blood pressure, brain tumors, and stroke. Dot will probably have to get either a CAT scan or an MRI later this month. One way or another, we'll find out what's going on.

One of my clients wants me to take over their social media efforts. I'm trying to decide what to charge for this kind of service, and a bit reluctant to even get involved in a project like this at all. In my experience, social media is a bottomless pit. Anyone can be a spammer, but if you really want to have a continuous stream of new and interesting content, you'd better be prepared to spend an enormous amount of time and effort. I think that's why a lot of companies give up on social media. They usually start out with good intentions, posting new and interesting stuff for several weeks, or even several months. Eventually, they discover that they've either run out of things to say, or run out of time to say it. Since I can write about anything almost indefinitely, people often want me to do their social media for them. This takes a lot of time though. More time than I typically have. I don't think my client will be willing to pay for what it would take to do this right.

I ran out of time today before I got around to going over to the battery store to get a new battery for my lawn mower. Maybe tomorrow. I didn't really feel like mowing the grass today anyway. The best news of the day was when my accountant called late in the day to tell me I'd be getting a tax refund this year. Yay! That's the kind of news I like to hear.

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