Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 1241

It's ironic. For many years, I've driven rugged, go-anywhere 4-wheel drive vehicles and yet I'm still reluctant to take my car out in the rain. After Janet's Land Rover was nearly demolished by baseball sized hailstones in an unexpected thunderstorm last year, I've had a healthy respect for Texas weather. I almost canceled my hair appointment today because I didn't want to risk getting the brand new loaner car all dinged up. After looking long and hard at the weather radar app on my iPad though, I decided to go ahead and get the much needed haircut. From all indications, the worst of the storm looked like it was going to pass South of us. Luckily, I was right.

Hailstones aren't the only thing I worry about when it rains. Dot and Dash are both terrified of thunder. They totally freak out during a bad storm. Since they have both had seizures in the past, I worry that a bad thunderstorm might trigger another seizure. There's always the roof leak too, but since I've finally decided to get a new roof, I've almost given up on the old roof as a lost cause.

So far, all my worries were unwarranted. The strategically placed buckets in the living room were all dry when I returned from my haircut. Dot and Dash seemed calm enough too. No damage to the LR4 either. Even though today's thunderstorm didn't amount to much, I still hate rain. I often fantasize about living in a climate without rain, but these places are usually full of snakes and scorpions, which I don't like either.

I'm getting hooked on online take-out meals. There's a restaurant right near the post office and if I place an online order right before I go to mail a letter, my meal will be ready for me when I arrive. No waiting at all! Since I have no real desire to actually eat inside the restaurant, this is perfect for me. I'd order breakfast this way too, but none of my favorite breakfast places have an online menu yet.

This week has gone quickly. I've managed to get completely caught up on my writing work. I've already taken the garbage out to the curb for tomorrow's weekly trash pickup. I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow's brief respite from my regular oatmeal breakfast. Now, if the rain will just stop, everything will be perfect.

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