Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 1247

The roofers came out today to measure things and get all the wires, cables, and sump pumps off the roof before they started preparations for the new roof tomorrow. As soon as they removed the pumps and left for the day, it started to rain. Damn! I think this was nature's way of telling me that I'll never, ever win this battle.

Later in the day, I laboriously got all the water off the roof again. Then, while I was eating supper, it started to rain again. To hell with it. The roofers can figure out how to get the remaining water off the roof when they arrive tomorrow.

It was still raining when I took Dot to her acupuncture appointment this afternoon. I was surprised at how well she rode in the car during the bad weather. Maybe the acupuncture is making her a calmer dog. She actually seemed less nervous than I was. Traffic is terrible when it rains in Dallas and I definitely don't want to get a ding in the new loaner car before I return it to the Land Rover dealer. I've had the loaner car for almost a month now. Lord knows what's wrong with the Defender.

Work was slow today. One of my clients is sick and another gave the entire staff the rest of the week off in observance of Shavuot. The rest of the clients are probably waiting until Friday afternoon to surprise me with things that have to be done over the weekend.

I'm curious how the auto-focus mechanism on the iPhone camera works. It will immediately bring small water drops into sharp focus, but when I'm an equal distance from certain types of flowers, the camera won't focus at all. What good is a camera if you can't focus it? This is frustrating for me, because there doesn't seem to be a way to manually focus the camera at all. Maybe you're just supposed to take pictures of cute cats with the thing.

I hope the rain quits soon. I hate it when the sound of dripping water wakes me up during the night. Hopefully, the new roof will put an end to all this. Jeez, what will I talk about on the blog if the roof stops leaking? I'm sure most of you have heard enough about roof leaks.

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