Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 1248

We got lucky. There was a tremendous amount of rain and hail last night, but we didn't get hit by a tornado. Several nearby towns weren't so fortunate. Dot, Dash and I spent the evening under a blanket, watching local weather reports of the storm on TV. We heard the tornado sirens several times during the evening, but it was only a precaution. The most severe weather was off to the South of us.

This morning, the roofers returned and spent the rest of the day tramping around and making lots of noise up on the roof. Dot, never one to leave a nearby noise unchallenged, responded with equally loud barking. It's a good thing that I didn't have any work that required concentration today, because peace and quiet definitely wasn't in the cards.

At first, I wondered why the roofers even bothered coming out today, but as the day progressed, it kept getting warmer and the skies eventually cleared. I thought these guys might have some fast and efficient way of getting last night's water off the roof, but they didn't. Actually, I'm much better at getting the standing water off the roof than the roofing crew. I've had lots of practice though.

I wonder how long I'm going to keep making fresh squeezed juice? It takes quite a while to make a half gallon of fresh juice and even longer to clean up the mess afterwards. One of the reasons I've been able to stick with the oatmeal and fruit I've been having for breakfast lately is that it's quick and easy to make oatmeal. Taking the juicer apart and cleaning up the pulpy mess is another matter entirely. The orange and pineapple mix I've been making is quite tasty though, so maybe I"ll give it a few more weeks and see if juice making clicks into place as a part of my routine.

I find it frustrating that when the market is at an all time high, many of my own investments are going nowhere. I still have too many gold and commodity stocks that are dragging things down. China seems to have fallen out of favor lately as well. What a fickle world investing has become. I resisted the urge to buy my Apple shares back when they briefly dipped below 400. Even though I'm still fond of Apple products, I'm beginning to think that Apple might be the next Microsoft. Soccer Moms buy iPhones now and the geeks and early adopters have moved on to something else. To  keep my hand in the game, I did buy some 3-D printing stocks though.

I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow. I guess that means I'll have to skip breakfast. I can't seem to eat breakfast and lunch on the same day anymore. Once I've eaten breakfast and walked the dogs, I'm already late for lunch. It's got to be one or the other these days.

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