Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1264

It's good to be home again. Well, it's good to see Janet and the dogs again anyway. Catching up with all the household chores? Not so good. I got caught in another rainstorm while I was out getting groceries and taking things to the dry cleaner. I don't think it's ever going to quit raining. Oh, well. At least we don't live in Oklahoma. Things are pretty wet here, but nobody's house has blown away. I never expected such a wet Spring. I definitely couldn't have picked a worse time to put on a new roof.

I recharged all the camera and laptop batteries and put the equipment away. All the Couture files have been loaded to the main computer, where they will receive some Photoshop enhancement next week. The dirty clothes are in the washing machine and there are clean sheets on the bed. I think we're back to normal.

My Facebook account is working again. It always gets suspended for suspicious activity when I travel because I can never remember the answers to those challenge questions they ask you when you try to log-in from a different location. When I get home there is always a message saying something like "Your account has been temporarily suspended because someone tried to gain access from an unfamiliar location." Yeah, I know. That suspicious someone was me.

Hopefully, the skies will clear tomorrow, so we can take Dot and Dash to the dog park. I think they've got cabin fever from all the rain we've been having. The recorded message says that the park is still open for business, but that just might be because nobody got around to updating the message. I think I'll go to bed early this evening. I fell asleep at the computer a few minutes ago. I closed my eyes for a few minutes, and all the sudden, it was an hour later. My body may be trying to tell me something.

Rain or shine, tomorrow will be a busy day. There is grass that needs to be mowed, websites that need to be updated, and dogs that need to be walked.

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