Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 1270

I think the roof is finished. Today, the roofers spent their time doing small stuff like painting and caulking. They explained why water leaked through the kitchen door the other day and said they fixed the problem. They explained how they managed to kill a big patch of grass in the front yard, but promised it would grow back. I expect they'll return next week to haul away the huge pile of debris in the side yard, but I doubt that I'll see much more work up on the roof.

I hope this long, involved, and expensive process was worth it. I'm certain the roof will be waterproof for a while, but I don't think I'll know whether I got a really good roof until three or four years from now. Between now and then, it's just a lot of of hope and empty promises.

My beloved Jawbone UP band went kaput today and I had to take it to the Apple store to exchange it. I've only had the activity band for a few months, but I've been reading on the Internet that hundreds of people have been having the same problem that I am. It's the battery. It initially holds a charge for ten days. Then you start noticing that it will only hold a charge for five days. After about three months, things get worse rapidly. Yesterday, the UP band would only hold a charge for an hour or two, no matter how long I tried to recharge it. It's a shame that such an innovative product is so unreliable. The first version of the UP activity tracker was a disaster. The company had to recall just about every model it sold. Now the second version of the product seems as if it's going to suffer the same fate. If a non-replaceable battery is only going to last three months in a product that costs hundreds of dollars, I don't think many people are going to be all that excited to buy it.

I still haven't managed to get caught up with my work yet. I spent the day revising websites and writing articles, just like I usually do, but there is still a lot of uncompleted business. Maybe I'll work this weekend and see it I can get things finished. I don't like to work on weekends, but I dislike unfinished projects even more.

I noticed that the power company crew cut down part of a tree in my backyard when they were restoring the power last night. I guess they needed better access to the telephone pole where they replaced a transformer. Or maybe they just don't like tree limbs anywhere near their wires.All I know is that whenever a power company crew comes near the house, I lose a few more tree limbs.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. The weather looks nice and I definitely could use a little rest. I was so tired this week that I literally fell asleep sitting at the computer a few times. It would be so much better if I slept well at night, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

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