Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 1275

I felt sorry for Dot's acupuncture vet when we went to our appointment today. She had just opened a brand new clinic a few days earlier and was still dealing with contractors. Her tales of contractor woes made my own recent problems with my roof seem like nothing. Sometimes I wonder if anyone since the dawn of time has had a good experience dealing with contractors. You always expect that things will go smoothly when you hire a contractor, and it almost never does. The problem is that the contractor, by definition, doesn't do the work themselves. They contract it out to other vendors who may or may not work well together. The more people on the job, the more chances there are for things to get fouled up. In my experience, a contractor's primary job is explaining to the client why things aren't going according to  plan.

I think there might finally be some sort of resolution to the problems I've been having with the aggressive dogs in the neighborhood. The dog's owner and his landlord agreed to keep the back gate to their property locked when the dogs are out in the yard and to eventually build a taller fence. The owner also said that he would no longer let dog walkers handle the dogs. It turns out that it was a dog walker who lost control of the dogs when they got loose and attacked another neighbor's dog. I was glad that the owner actually acknowledged that one of his dogs was a problem. So many times,  people with aggressive dogs just get defensive and make excuses. We'll see what happens. I'm hopeful though. The dogs are both rescues and I can tell that the owner cares about them.

Today was a pretty good day. My missing prescriptions finally got filled, I got caught up on my writing work, and the brown patch of grass in the front yard is starting to show signs of turning green again. Nothing all that astounding happened today. It was just the absence of bad news that made things look encouraging. On days like today, I have high hopes that my car will continue to run for the rest of the Summer and that my roof will never leak again.

Even the dog's training class went well this evening. It was hot and a bit muggy, but Dot and Dash enjoyed being back with their friends again. We had missed class for several weeks in a row due to bad weather and travel conflicts, so it was good to be back on schedule again. It's nice to have the sun back as well. We won't have to worry about having class after dark until sometime next Winter.

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