Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 1278

I wonder why my weekend chores took so long today? Maybe the heat and humidity sapped my strength. Maybe Janet usually does some of these chores when she's home. Maybe I just took an unusually long time fixing breakfast. I got a lot done, but it still seemed like a wasted day. At least there are clean sheets on the bed and my checkbook is balanced. The spackling paste and trowels I got for repairing the damaged Sheetrock in the living room are still sitting on a table in the hallway. I'm not up for that loathsome task yet.

It must have rained again last night. The sky was clearing when I took the dogs on their morning walk, but the ground was wet and everything was covered with dew. I didn't have the heart to look up on the roof, but I did buy another push broom with softer bristles when I was out shopping. The first broom I bought just isn't going to work.

I wonder if anyone still reads blogs anymore?  I've been getting hundreds of new followers every day on Google+ but it's been months since I was blessed with a new blog follower. Many of my favorite bloggers aren't posting as much anymore. Some of them seem content with the occasional Facebook update and don't update their blog at all. I think that's a shame, but who am I to judge. Since establishing a dialog was never a big concern to me, I'll continue doing what I've always done. My posts are kind of like throwing notes out to sea in a bottle. Maybe someone sees them, maybe they don't.

The dogs seemed determined to hog the bed last night. You'd think with one less person sleeping in the king size bed, there would be plenty of room for everyone. This is always when Dot and Dash stretch out to their full length, unfortunately. The two dogs seemed to take up the entire bed by themselves.

Since it was one of those cloudy bright mornings just after a rain, today would have been a great time to do some flower photography. I did take a few pictures with my phone while I was walking the dogs, but I didn't have the energy to return to the scene with professional equipment. It was just too humid outside. The air felt like a sauna and I felt like returning to the air conditioning. I'm getting soft. To think that there was a time when I actually wanted to be a National Geographic photographer.

Maybe tomorrow will be cooler. Most of the chores are done and the flowers are still in bloom. We'll see what the dogs want to do. They usually set the day's agenda anyway.

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