Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 1289

Dot gave me a scare this morning. As we were returning home from our morning walk, her rear leg gave out. I managed to catch her before she fell over, but I was worried that she had torn her ACL. A torn anterior cruciate ligament is a common injury with older Dalmatians and just about anything can trigger a tear. As I reached under Dot's belly to keep her from falling, I noticed that the leg that had buckled was stretched out behind her. This was unusual, since a dog usually holds their leg up when they have a limp. We sat and rested for about five minutes and then Dot just got up and started walking normally again.

Since today was Dot's acupuncture therapy day, I had the vet examine her leg when we went for our appointment. There seems to be no damage whatsoever.  Dot had definitely not suffered from an ACL tear. This was very good news, but I still wondered what had happened. The vet suspected that Dot had experienced a sudden leg cramp, which she said was not uncommon in older dogs. Although Dot seems fine now, I feel like there is now one more thing to worry about.

It was a slow day compared to yesterday. I still had some website revisions to complete, but I spent most of the day doing routine bookkeeping and organizing records. Since today's bookkeeping efforts had more to do with investments than with the business, there wasn't much to cheer about. The market sucks this year. Usually, when stocks go down, bonds, gold, or commodities go up. This year, there appears to be no safe haven. There are days when absolutely everything goes down together. Life was much simpler when you could just buy a six month CD and earn 8% while waiting for the market to turn around. Now, even real estate is a fickle investment. I don't think I will ever buy real estate as an investment again.

Janet had to work late tonight, so we didn't go to dog training class. Since it was another 100 degree day, I don't think the dogs minded skipping class. I guess I could take one dog to class when Janet is late, but I never do because the dog that gets left behind seems so disappointed. Even when I take one of the dogs to the vet, the other seems disappointed, and they don't even like going to the vet. I guess they're just like people. You always end up wanting what you can't have.

This month has gone really quickly. When I was scheduling Dot's next acupuncture at the vet's office today, I realized that next Thursday was the Fourth of July. I think we're invited to some sort of dog parade on the Fourth of July. Or maybe it's just a regular parade. I can't remember. Personally, I'd rather just go out for breakfast.

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