Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 1291

I had the dogs out on their morning walk at 7 AM this morning. The extra hour or so makes a big difference in the temperature. At 7 AM, it's actually quite nice outside. By 8:30 AM the pleasant weather all seems like a dream. At least we don't live in Las Vegas. I hear they might experience all time record high temperatures this weekend.

I certainly didn't get any more done today by getting up early. I dawdled over breakfast and spend longer than usual getting groceries for the weekend. By the time I actually sat down at the computer to work, I was just as late as I usually am. My motto is better late than never, so I still managed to get quite a bit done. After writing two articles, updating a website, and doing a load of laundry, I officially declared the week over.

Janet and I are thinking of taking the dogs to the beach later this Fall. It's too bad there isn't a beach nearby. Padre Island is quite nice, but it's a long drive. Galveston is closer, but the beach isn't as nice. We'll see. I'm not even sure if the dogs would like a beach. Dash would probably run away if we ever let him off leash and Dot doesn't like water. Most dogs love a beach though.

There still a lot of time between now and any potential Fall trip. We've still got to survive the Texas Summer. Tomorrow, it's time for one of the periodic cholesterol screenings at the neighborhood health food store. Even though we have to fast and skip breakfast, we usually go to these things because the price is so reasonable. The only downside to these blood tests is standing in line with a bunch of old people with hard to find veins. Sometimes it takes forever.

Maybe I'll try to fixed the damaged Sheetrock in the living room this weekend. I'm getting tired of staring at the can of spackling paste and drywall tools that have been sitting on a table in the hallway for over a month now. You can only avoid things for so long. Even unpleasant tasks have to be done eventually.

On our evening walk, I noticed that a bunch of gnats and flying insects were hovering around Dash, while completely ignoring me and Dot. I tried to shoo them away, but they kept coming back to pester him. No wonder Dash has skin problems. Mother Nature just doesn't cut the little guy any slack.

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