Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 1361

The good news is that I got the Defender 90 back today. The bad news is that after a month in the shop, it still isn't fixed. Truthfully, I don't think it will ever be fixed. A car with 100,000 miles on the odometer just isn't going to run like a car with 100 miles on the odometer. I was so discouraged about my engine vibration problem that I got a quote for the Defender's trade-in value while I was at the dealership. The good news is that Land Rover Defenders hold their value better than any other SUV. Period! There isn't another vehicle that even comes close. The bad news is that I don't really want to trade the Defender for anything. I just wish it ran like new.

I guess I share the sentiments of another Defender owner who wrote "What can I say. Rain leaks in. Oil leaks out. The car requires constant maintenance and the interior is trash. But I love it." I feel the same way. The only other current vehicle that is even in the same league is the Mercedes G-Class.  Unfortunately, a Mercedes G-Class costs twice as much as a Defender.

My doctor's appointment later in the day was almost as disappointing as my trip to the Land Rover dealer. My lab reports have grown into such a large, complex document that I think even my doctor is confused. Many tests appear to contradict each other. Many others are inconclusive. There's still enough data which indicates that there are plenty of things wrong with me, unfortunately. Today's new lab reports were a mixed bag. There were a few new things to cheer about. And there were a few new things to worry about. When things are this inconclusive, the doctor and I just agree to schedule some more tests in a few months.

I've bought things online for so long that I kind of take the whole process for granted. Evidently, not everyone has perfected the art of online selling however. A got an e-mail today saying that a recent order of mine had shipped. When I checked the FedEx tracking number, I discovered that my order had already been delivered to Sedona, Arizona three days before I ordered it. When I called the company to find out what was wrong, I got a recorded message saying that the company was closed for the day due to an unexpected emergency. Maybe my order wasn't the only thing that had gone wrong.

There were quite a few website revisions for a Friday. Employees had quit and needed to be removed. Hours had changed and needed to be updated. A Google map pointed to the wrong location. Someone noticed, after looking at it for over a year, that their name was misspelled. I fixed everything and then did a little research on Wordpress. I read a review about a cool add-on that made it possible to develop Wordpress themes within a Dreamweaver environment. Great! This was just what I needed. When I went to download the clever app, it didn't exist. It had been discontinued two years ago because of licensing issues. Oh, well. I guess everything was too good to be true today.

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