Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 1376

What a beautiful Fall day. We woke up to blue skies and temperatures in the 70's. Best of all, it has stayed this way all day. Fall is my favorite time of year. The dogs don't get overheated on their walks. There is an abundance of interesting things to photograph. Occasionally, the weather is nice enough that I can actually open the windows in the house.

I made breakfast while Janet walked the dogs this morning. I wonder why I like breakfast so much? I never eat lunch and dinner doesn't interest me all that much either. Just about eery recipe I know is a breakfast meal. I was trying to think this morning when the last time I attempted to cook dinner and I couldn't even remember. It's been a long time. Breakfast was good. I made one of those skillet scramblers with eggs, pork sausage, sauteed vegetables and grated cheese.

There's nothing like a new car to make me aware of how bad drivers are in Dallas. They say that 20% of the people on the road in Dallas are driving without a license and I certainly believe it. Everywhere I turned today, I was confronted by people who looked like they wanted to hit me. Of course, the roads weren't any different than they ever are. I just had a different perspective on things.

We're doing another casino night to help Dalmatian Rescue this evening. The rescue group has been doing these casino parties long enough now that many of these events reoccur year after year. This is the third or fourth year we've been invited to put on a casino party for the organization that hired us tonight. This party usually takes place at a country club in an older part of town and there is frequently an Elvis impersonator. I need to remember to eat something before we go, since I don't think the hired help can eat the food at this event.

If our spectacular Fall weather continues, the dogs should have a great time at the dog park tomorrow. I wonder if Dot and Dash would enjoy a ride in the new car?

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