Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 1410

It was a good day. Nothing went wrong that I can recall, and that is rare for me. After I finished giving the dogs their morning walk, I went to the doctor to get a new round of blood work done. Hopefully, this test will be billed to the right insurance company.

Since I wasn't in the right part of town to eat at one of my regular Friday restaurants, I tried someplace new. I had a very tasty breakfast scrambler at a place that looked straight out of the 1950's. The menu was simple and hearty. I received a hand written bill scribbled on one of those little green and white pads that almost all restaurants used thirty years ago. I think the place only accepted cash, but I may go back. The food was good.

The best part of the day was the weather. So far, we have had a near perfect Fall. Temperatures have been in the mid-60's. Skies have been clear and blue. The humidity has been low. And best of all, the usual October rains haven't materialized yet. I can't complain and would love to see this beautiful weather continue through Thanksgiving.

I'm getting quite a few new LinkedIn connections, considering that I've totally ignored the place since the dawn of social media. My LinkedIn connections seem to fall in three distinct categories: former co-workers who connect as a courtesy to acknowledge that we are both still alive, sales professionals who would connect with an octopus or jar of peanut butter if it helped their rankings, and delusional Europeans who somehow think my company is bigger and more important than it actually is.

Dot was strong and full of energy today. I guess I will just have to accept that she has good days and bad days now. I'm grateful for the good days. Dot and Dash were happy campers and seemed to be enjoying the exceptional weather. For my part, I managed to get caught up with all my work assignments and will start the weekend with a clean slate. It would have been nice if I'd gotten a big check in the mail this afternoon, but at least I've gotten most of my October bills paid. I know I'm not the world's most appreciative parson, but at least for now, life is good.

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