Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 1474

Janet called today and told me that young people with children have discovered the little town where we were thinking of retiring and that housing prices were on the rise. It was bound to happen. In today's world, nothing good stays a secret for very long. Maybe there's a silver lining to this dark cloud however. Younger people love dogs and if the town becomes full of dogs, a veterinarian is sure to follow. Dallas definitely has its flaws, but it is home to some really good veterinarians. I've gotten used to my dogs getting better medical care than I do and I'd hate to give that up.

I guess today was Saturday. It certainly didn't seem any different than any other day. We got off to a slow start, because now that I'm using two Dalmatians as an alarm clock, we generally stay in bed until the dogs are hungry. I would have thought that they would be feeling hungry much earlier, since Janet usually feeds them breakfast before she leaves for work at the crack of dawn. Nope. The lazy dogs seem perfectly content to postpone breakfast until well after the sun comes up.

I actually did some writing work today, since my only other alternative was cleaning the house. Writing is almost always preferable to cleaning. When I finished my articles, I decided to go to the gym. I'd never been on a Saturday before and will probably never go on a Saturday again. This appears to be the one day of the week where the gym is actually busy. I had to change my workout a bit, since some of my favorite machines were in use, and I didn't get to shoot baskets at all, since there was a pick-up game underway on the court. Nevertheless, I managed to burn up a few calories before I returned home to put them on all over again by eating Christmas dinner leftovers.

There really isn't much on TV these days. I channel-hopped after dinner, trying to find something that would pique my interest. I watched a bit of The Longest Yard, hoping to catch the scene with the Citro├źn SM in it. I've seen this movie again and again, but I always miss the chase scene with my favorite car. I watched a bit of a Terminator movie. I don't know which one. They all seem the same to me. It's still hard for me to believe that the Terminator was actually the governor of California. I watched the NASA Channel for a while. With all the government money that the NASA Channel gets, you'd think these guys would learn how to edit. Nope! They just continue to show raw unedited B-Roll. Where is a new episode of Dr. Who when I really need it?

The dogs are getting restless. I think they're trying to tell me that I've done enough writing for one day. One the other hand, maybe they're just being bad again.

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