Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 1654

I finished the initial design for the new website I'm working on today, but I haven't shown it to anybody yet. It's too disheartening to have the layout come back a few hours later marked up with different colors, new pictures, and all the buttons renamed. I think I'll wait till Monday to present the thing. By then I should be able to take the inevitable changes in stride.

Dash had to go to the vet today to get his anal glands cleaned again. I really need to learn to do this myself, since they get full so often. Sticking my fingers up a dog's butt couldn't be any worse than dealing with clients. I don't know why Dash's glands have to be expressed so often. Dot can go years without a problem, but I have to take Dash to the vet every two weeks for this smelly procedure.

I bit the bullet and renewed my storage space for another year this afternoon. There's something very unfair about renting a storage unit. The rent goes up every year, while the value of what I'm actually storing continues to decline. At some point, the whole idea of even having a storage warehouse become ridiculous. I wish there was an easy, painless way to sell stuff without haggling about the price, or dealing with buyers. I hate dealing with buyers. I wish everything was like selling real estate. Selling real estate is OK. You just find an agent you trust. Give them 6%. And they take care of dealing with the buyers. I don't think downsizing is going to be easy. I just don't have the temperment for it.

It didn't rain today, which meant that yesterday's rain turned into humid mugginess. It wasn't bad early this morning, but later in the day the dogs didn't even want to go outside. It was just too humid for them. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I really need to go get all the water off the roof. All the wet weather we've been having this June is creating a real mosquito problem. The mosquitoes are everywhere this year. They're even getting into the house. If I don't get the water off the roof soon, it's going to become a breeding ground for even more mosquitoes. Other people might have fantasies about retiring to a country lake house. I just want to get away from all these bugs.

I've got an appointment tomorrow with the doctor who wanted all those new blood tests. I don't even care what the tests say anymore. I've had way too many blood tests. I kind of feel the way you do when you take your car in for a safety inspection. They hand you a piece of paper at the end of the inspection with all sorts of engine performance numbers on it, but all you're really interested in is whether you passed or failed the test. Medicine should be more like getting your car safety inspected. The doctor should just give you a sticker saying you're good for another year.

I'm already looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. Conversely, I'm already dreading jury duty, even though it's over three weeks away. I feel the same way about jury duty as Dot feels about thunderstorms.

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