Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 1486

It was a long day. The weather was damp and foggy, and as I worked, it seemed like the fog was creeping indoors as well. Everything was a foggy, unresolved issue today. There were websites that kept changing before I could finish the previous changes. There were budgets that couldn't be resolved. There were lots of things that made me wish I'd never gotten out of bed, but of course that was never really an option.

At least the dogs didn't need their winter coats today. They seem to hate wearing their coats, even though they get cold without them. I can relate. I hate writing sometimes, even though I know I'll go broke if I quit. Without their protective coats, the dogs got even dirtier than they did yesterday. That's what towels are for though. I did a lot of laundry today as well.

I though I'd be writing most of the day, but there were so many unresolved issues that I went to the gym instead. I cut my workout a bit short so I could make it to a 6 PM client meeting. The meeting ended up getting canceled, because not enough people could make it. I have a feeling that a lot of people had a foggy, unresolved day today. Even the people at the gym seemed to have lost their focus. A woman on a treadmill next to me was moving so slow that I wondered why she even bothered. I did make an effort to burn off some calories, but I didn't have time to shoot hoops on the basketball court, so maybe I shouldn't have bothered either. Shooting baskets is the only part of my workout that is any fun.

I saw my neighbor's car in the driveway on the way home, so I knocked on her door to ask about the tree on my roof. Nobody answered the door. I don't know why the car was in the driveway if nobody was home. She should have been home. Sadly, I know nothing about my neighbors. I know some of you guys better.

I hope it quits raining tomorrow. If if doesn't, I've got a tough choice to make. Do I go out in the rain and get my car muddy, just so I can have poached eggs and pulled pork? Or do I stay home and eat oatmeal in a warm house while watching Dr. Who re-runs?  As I said, it's a tough choice.

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