Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 1493

I had one of my periodic meetings with my financial adviser today. 2013 was a good year for investors, but we didn't spend much time patting ourselves on the back. Since everything that goes up must inevitably come down, we spent most of our time trying to formulate an exit strategy for the big correction that is sure to come. Investing is frustrating and requires a lot of patience. On a good day, you're on top of the world. Good days can be followed by bad days where your gains can be erased in an instant, unfortunately. Several of my positions had 100% gains this year, while others suffered huge losses. As someone who has always appreciated a sure thing, these ups and downs can be nerve wracking. What's the alternative though? I know I'm not going to write the next Harry Potter blockbuster, or come up with an alternative to the iPhone.

I'm certainly not going to get rich writing ads, or providing clients with content marketing canon fodder. That's what I did today. My financial adviser always asks me how my business is doing. It's a rhetorical question and I don't think he really wants to know the answer. He makes his money taking a few percent off the top of every portfolio under management. When printing budgets were high and elaborate annual report were in fashion, I did essentially the same thing. You can do quite well taking a small percentage of a large budget. The best thing is that nobody really cares what you make as long as your piece of the pie remains small. All that has changed, unfortunately. At least it has for me. Printing budgets are small and creative services are a la carte now. That's why I depend on equities. I think the chances of a writer hitting the big time are just about the same as a journeyman club musician winning American Idol. Sure, it happens, but not very often.

Some of the neighbors are trying to get streets closed in the neighborhood. They think it will cut down on traffic. I don't know what all the fuss is about, since I already live on the busiest street in the neighborhood. Compared to my own problems of getting out of my driveway during rush hour, these other people's streets are a cakewalk. I'm not really a fan of street closures anyway. The whole idea of streets is to make it easier to get from point to point. When you start closing some streets off, you create bottlenecks. I'd rather leave all the streets open, but just not let anybody use them.

I may go to a different restaurant tomorrow. If I keep eating my favorite Friday eggs over and over again for months at a time, they're not likely to remain a favorite for much longer. It's time for a change. It's time for a haircut too. Maybe I'll try something new for breakfast and then go get a haircut in the afternoon. That sounds like a plan.

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