Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 1514

When I looked out the window this morning, there was snow on the ground. Although there are some people in Dallas who get excited about our rare snowfalls, I'm not one of them. Snow just means more dirty laundry to wash, more dirty dogs to clean up, and a very chilly office to work in. I didn't even bother to go anywhere in the car today. Every time I'd turn on the news, I'd hear reports of traffic delays and icy wrecks. It just wasn't worth going out.

I certainly had plenty to keep me busy. One of my clients asked me if I could build a complex interactive form for them today. Damn! About the only thing worse than a snow day to me is a day where I have to deal with forms. I don't like to fill out forms and I don't like to create them. I'm sure a lot of my antipathy toward forms comes from filling out the same lengthy forms over and over again in doctor's offices. You'd think doctors would learn to share information that they keep in the cloud somewhere, but they all seem to prefer antiquated metal file folders full of hand written forms.

The interactive application form I created today was five pages long. If I had to fill out a form this long, I'd seriously think twice about whatever I was applying for. I did finish building the form and getting it online however. There wasn't much else to do on a cold, snowbound day. Once I finished taking each of the dogs down to the park to do their business, I plugged in the little ceramic heater under my desk and got to work. It was a long day. Dot and Dash seemed happy enough sleeping on their warm dog beds strategically positioned near a heating vent. I think I would have been happier if I was asleep too.

So far, I have experienced none of the dire side effects that my pharmacist warned me about with my new Hepatitis-C medicine. I actually didn't expect any side effects. These are just pills. I take so many pills already and I can't imagine a few more would make any difference.  It's good news that I don't feel dizzy or lethargic though. I'll be taking these new pills for quite a while. I don't know if I could tell if a pill made me feel lethargic anyway. I always feel lethargic.

Tonight is the last Jay Leno show. I still remember the last Johnny Carson show. It's a shame that the network had to bump off Leno is its quest for a younger demographic. Jimmy Fallon is funny too, but you'd think there'd be a place for both of them. I guess it doesn't really matter, since I mostly just watch ancient black & white Perry Mason episodes while I'm going to sleep.

Will the roads be clear enough for me to go out for breakfast in the morning? That is the burning question of the moment. I imagine the roads will be fine. It will just be irritating to get my car dirty in my crazy quest for poached eggs and pulled pork. It would definitely be nice if the park wasn't so icy. Dot tends to fall over on the slick ground and Dash tends to knock me over. With a bad shoulder and a geriatric Dalmatian, I can't really afford either of these possibilities.

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