Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 1518

Well, I guess social media is still useful for a few things. When I was checking to see whether yesterday's blog post uploaded correctly, I noticed something about a special 50th. Anniversary tribute to the Beatles on CBS. I quickly turned on the TV and enjoyed one of the best concerts I've heard in years. I still remember the first time I heard "I Want to Hold Your Hand" piped in over the cafeteria loudspeakers when I was in high school in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Beatles changed everything. Before the Beatles I wanted to be an astronomer. After the Beatles, I decided I wanted to be an artist instead. I bought a guitar and two year later I was playing in a band. When a high school guidance counselor told me I was good at solving spatial recognition problems, I decided to go to architecture school instead of majoring in physics and the rest is history.

The tribute show was fantastic. Well, it was mostly fantastic anyway. I didn't really care for Katy Perry and Alicia Keys, but everybody else rocked. Gary Clark Jr. and Joe Walsh did an absolutely amazing rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps. I've always wondered why Gary Clark Jr. isn't more widely known. That guy can really sing. The two remaining Beatles themselves were the best. It's hard to believe that Ringo is 74 years old. He looked great and still has his chops. It was great to see Paul and Ringo on stage together again singing a rousing version of "With a Little Help From My Friends." Jeez, even the CBS house band was great. Although he was never mentioned, I noticed Peter Frampton playing on quite a few songs. The only thing missing was Eric Clapton.  He definitely should have been there.

Too bad today wasn't as energizing as last night's concert. My day followed the script I outlined yesterday to a tee. We got up early and took both dogs to the vet for their lab work. After that little excursion, Janet went to work, I ate breakfast and settled down to methodically checking things off today's to-do list. I feel like an animatronic robot sometimes, but I guess it's good to stay busy.

I don't know what got into Dot today. She refused to walk in the park this morning and refused again this evening. I don't know whether her leg hurt or if she was just being stubborn. It was definitely odd behavior though, since walking in the park is usually one of her favorite things. When she refused to walk in the park this evening, I was just about ready to take her back inside when I noticed that she wanted to walk down the alley behind our house. Once we were walking down the long alley, she acted completely normal and did her business as usual. Go figure! I have no idea what this was all about.

I try not to miss the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Every year I hope that the Dalmatian will win the non-sporting group and every year I am disappointed. The Standard Poodle, with its ridiculous haircut, always seems to win this event. Not surprisingly, this is exactly what happened this year, with the beautiful Dalmatian coming in fourth. I don't think the Dalmatian gets a fair shot in this huge and varied group. I doubt that they could put Dalmatians in with the working dogs, since they seldom do any work, but maybe they could put them in with the hounds.

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