Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 1564

I got up early to meet the HVAC guy this morning and just about the time he was supposed to arrive, I got a phone call saying he was sick. We postponed everything until Monday and I went out for breakfast instead. Today's breakfast was strangely unsatisfying, since I was already prepared to do something else. As many of you already know, spontaneity is not one of my strong points.

This was another radiation therapy day for Dash. They've been getting his treatments done early this week, so he's usually ready to come home again around noon. I continue to be amazed by how well he's handling all this. Truthfully, I think he's handling the cancer much better than I am. Of course, Dash doesn't really know he has cancer. I'm fairly certain he just thinks he's going to a weird kind of doggie day care.

The weather was bad today, so I got a lot of writing done. Even by Texas standards, this was a strange day. We had bright sunshine, misty dampness, and a severe thunderstorm, all within a single day. The weatherman on TV said that a cold front had moved through the area, but the temperature still seemed pretty warm to me. When the cold fronts start feeling warm, you know that Spring is here.

Everything worked out pretty well today. I got Dash taken care of during the sunny part of the day, and returned home to write during the rainy part of the day. Even the thunderstorm wasn't very traumatic, since the dogs were so sleepy that they didn't even notice most of it.

I wish I wasn't such a hypochondriac.  I had an upset stomach and severe case of heartburn for most of the day. I couldn't decide whether this was caused by all the pills I've been taking, or if I'd just eaten some bad food yesterday. Of course, it could just be stress. Sick dogs, lots of bills to pay, and unpredictable weather have never been among my favorite things.

At least the weekend is here. I look forward to two days of doing as little as possible. Dot's new harness came in the mail today. We got her a special full body harness just like Dash's. Now both dogs will look like search and rescue pros when we take them on walks. Dot never tries to escape like Dash, but this new harness will be good for her as well, since it provides an extra level of support.

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