Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 1620

I would have preferred to sleep in this morning, but Dot had other ideas. When Dash and I didn't get up immediately, she started barking at us. Dot was ready to walk. I've learned not to ignore a barking Dalmatian, because they'll just keep barking forever. I put the leashes on and we were on our way by 6:30 AM. It was just as well that we left the house early. There was a breeze and the temperature was still nice and cool. When the weather is this pleasant, Dot is still able to go the full two miles. Maybe that was why she was so eager to get started early.

As soon as we return from these morning walks, these two high energy dogs immediately go to sleep. I don't know if they are worn out, or just lazy. It's probably a little bit of both.

While the dogs were sleeping, I went out for breakfast. I parked between a Ferrari and a beat up Kia. When I got inside, I couldn't tell who belonged to which car. Everyone looked the same. It's that kind of place. Breakfast was delicious as usual, and when I couldn't linger any longer, I went to the grocery store and got some fresh food for the weekend.

I got such an early start this morning that it was only 10 AM by the time I returned and sat down at the computer to finish the week's work. When I completed my website revisions for the week, I decided to tackle a tedious retouching job I'd been avoiding. I usually try to avoid doing complicated work in Photoshop when I've got deadlines. Today was as good a day as any however, since I haven't had a tight deadline all week.

There's a big meteor shower tonight, but I won't be able to see it since it's cloudy outside. I probably wouldn't see much anyway. The sky never really gets dark in the city. You can see the moon and the bright planets, but that's about all. I could go out in the country to watch the night sky, but I probably never will. My fascination with astronomy is about the same as my obsession with guitars. There's a lot of interest, but not much action.

We've got a three-day weekend on the way. There are supposed to be thunderstorms on Memorial Day, but you never know here in Texas. Two days from now, the forecast could be completely different. I'm hoping for another nice day.

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