Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 1639

The roofing folks knocked on my door this morning and said they were here to inspect the roof. I had asked them to give me some advance notice before they came, but since I was here anyway, I guess it didn't matter. I went up on the roof with them and they said that considering I lived in a wooded area and the roof didn't drain properly anyway, it was doing pretty well. This was hardly a ringing endorsement. I showed them the spots I thought might be deteriorating. Sometimes they said "We can fix that." and other times they told me that there was nothing wrong. I told the guys to repair any areas that they thought might cause me problems in the future and went back inside to work. Later in the day, I went back up on the roof to see what they'd done. There were a bunch of little repair spots scattered over the roof, but none in the areas that I thought might be a problem. I actually have no idea what the roofers did.

I got a request to add some custom features to a client's WordPress theme today. Many of my clients love WordPress themes because they are cheap and easy to update without any coding skills. Themes are easy to switch too. The problems start when people like their existing theme but just want it to look completely different. You should really just pick a theme and leave it alone. I get requests that would be very easy to implement using HTML. Unfortunately, with my limited knowledge of PHP, it always takes me longer to modify a dynamic site than it would to create an entire static site from scratch. I've grown to hate WordPress, even though many people absolutely love it. I'm trying to keep up with the times though. I'm learning to develop nice looking, full featured dynamic websites, even though I'd really rather still be doing magazine and newspaper ads.

Dot did really well using the underwater treadmill today. We generally do the treadmill workout first, let her rest a bit, and then finish with acupuncture. The acupuncture relaxes Dot, and she almost always leaves her session feeling relaxed and happy. I wish there were something that did the same sort of thing for me. Relaxed and happy is definitely not my normal state. Maybe I ought to just sleep eighteen hours a day like the dogs. It seems to work for them.

We are still supposed to get some severe thunderstorms tomorrow. I sure hope that whatever they put on the roof today dries fast. If there is a downpour tomorrow, it would be just my luck that all the new coating material washes away in the rain. Who knows? Tomorrow might be hot and sunny. I never put much faith in Texas weather forecasts. I'm still glad I got Dot's vet appointment taken care of today. Driving around with Dot in a thunderstorm is not a pleasant experience.

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