Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 1640

Today was strange. When I picked up the mail this morning, there was the letter I'd mailed my sister last week. "Return to sender, forwarding address unknown," the letter said. I gave her a call, to see if anything was wrong and discovered that the line had been disconnected. My sister had vanished without a trace. To her credit, if anyone was going to vanish without a trace, this would be the person to do it. She had already retired fifteen years early, moved to a small rural farm in Southern Ohio, and showed absolutely no interest in anything related to the Internet. Basically, she had disappeared a long time ago.

It did rain today, but it wasn't exactly the severe storm that the weather forecasters had predicted. We got a little wet on our morning walk and Dot barked at the thunder once or twice when it started raining harder after we returned home. That was about it. The thunderstorms were basically a non-event. I'm still glad I got most of my errands taken care of yesterday. Without places to go and things to do, I had a pretty relaxing day.

I watched a Torchwood re-run while I was eating breakfast, did some research on how to solve a puzzling website problem that has currently me stumped, and wrote a letter to my direct contact at a company that I probably won't be working with much longer. I just wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings. I enjoyed working with this guy. It's not his fault, or mine, that his miserly boss thinks I'm too expensive.

I'm still having problems keeping Dash's tail from bleeding. I called a couple of vet tech friends today to ask for advice and they admitted that "happy tail" was a problem for them as well. Dogs can wag their tails very hard, as anyone who has had their dog clear everything off the coffee table with a single wag can attest. You can't keep dogs from wagging their tail, and it's pretty hard to keep them from chewing off a bandage too. I'm having trouble even making a bandage that will stick to the tail. Dalmatian tails are thin and slippery. Nothing appears to stick to them.

I need to try to brush Dot's teeth this evening. I promised the vet that I'd try to brush her teeth three times a week. Dot doesn't like her teeth brushed any more than Dash likes me messing with his tail. If I have a bandage or a toothbrush in my hand, the dogs run away. I'm supposed to have another blood test tomorrow. I don't know why, since I've already had dozens of these tests this year.  Too bad that doctors don't have a better way of sharing information. It's not a big deal though.  I'll go early and have the test and then go have a delicious breakfast at my favorite restaurant on the way home. Sounds like a plan to me.

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