Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 1695

On hot, humid days like today, Dot's progress seems much slower. She tires easily and sleeps a lot longer. Sleep is good, because she certainly needs the rest. Unfortunately, the longer she sleeps, the more frequently we have incontinence accidents. Dot slept a lot today and I did a lot of laundry. When Dot is up and active, life seems pretty normal. When she sleeps, she pees. Janet found some larger, more durable waterproof pads on her way home from work today. She also found a different kind of doggie diaper. We'll try those tonight and see if they work.

Work was slow today, so I did some bookkeeping and paid a stack of bills. The most irritating bill I paid today was the U-Verse bill. We scaled back our service a few months ago in an effort to control costs and every month since then, AT&T has been adding weird little charges to the bill in an attempt to get just as much from us as they always have. Now, our bill is just about the same as it was before, but with 100 fewer channels. We still get way more channels than I'd ever actually watch, but the principle of the thing is frustrating. The cable companies are always trying to get you upgrade to the next level, but if you have the gall to actually downgrade your service package, you are suddenly not their friend anymore.

I left the house for about twenty minutes today to go to the post office and the bank. I made sure that Dot was contained in a small, safe area in the front hallway before I left, and she was still sleeping in exactly the same spot when I returned. She did pee on the bricks a little, but no harm was done.  I'm going to ask Dot's physical therapy vet for a second opinion about the incontinence tomorrow when we go to resume Dot's water therapy treatments. Although everyone says the incontinence is normal, it sure doesn't seem very normal to me.

I'm still putting on the purple hazmat gloves every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to give Dash his chemo pills. Today was a chemotherapy day and I noticed that the pill bottles are finally starting to get empty. We have a meeting with Dash's oncologist toward the end of August and hopefully when he finishes his current supply of Palladia pills, his treatment will be complete.

I'm getting ready to waterproof the bed for another long night. Maybe the new doggie diapers will work. Dot hated the last pair we tried though. I sure hope I never become incontinent. It's a giant mess. Janet thought the house smelled a little musty when she came home tonight. I told her she was just smelling pee.

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