Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 1710

I've been asking my veterinarian friends how they treat incontinence in dogs and almost every one of them has given me a different answer. Some prefer to use estrogen products like Incurin. Others would rather use Proin, which is actually a type of decongestant called Phenylpropanolamine. There are herbal remedies, surgical solutions, specific exercise regimes, grain free diets, and a host of other alternatives that may or may not be effective. It's frustrating that nobody seems to agree on the cause of Dot's incontinence or the best way to treat it. For now, I just try convince myself that she's getting a little better, one day at a time.

Dot is certainly improving physically. We had a nice walk this morning and she was able to go almost twenty minutes on the underwater treadmill today. I was real pleased with her progress until I got home and read another article that said too much exercise could actually cause incontinence in some dogs. I feel like I'm dealing with an information overload. There are way too many things that might be causing problems and no simple solution.

There were quite a few website problems to deal with today. One client thought she had malware on her site. Another sent me a bio to upload that was so long it could have been a short novel. Everyone is worried about getting a bad review on Yelp. Increasingly, I am being asked to do things that have nothing to do with design. I try to roll with the punches and adapt to changing times, but this certainly isn't what I started out doing.

I'm getting to where I hate to even turn on the TV these days. The news is a continual barrage of riots, Ebola virus scares, terrorism atrocities, forest fires, floods, and unbridled stupidity. No wonder so many people are poorly informed. You just don't want to know about a lot of this stuff. It's too depressing. My solution is to watch a lot of old Top Gear and Dr. Who re-runs on BBC. Other people prefer Netflix or Candy Crush Saga. Anything is probably better than the sobering reality that we are all on the verge of complete chaos.

At least it's Friday tomorrow. I'm going to have a delicious breakfast and get a haircut. I'm hoping that Dot is going to make it through the night without peeing on something. Surely something good will happen tomorrow. When I was walking the dogs this morning I noticed the meadows were filled with little white Rain Lilies that just appeared out of nowhere. That's kind of how life is. You get a bad thunderstorm that scares the dogs and then a few days later there are all these pretty Rain Lilies.

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