Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 1741

I think the dogs are recovering better than I am. My shoulder hurt today, so I confined myself to the treadmill and other lower body exercises when I went to the gym. I have all the symptoms associated with a rotator cuff tear, although this has never been diagnosed conclusively. When things get bad, my doctor usually gives me a steroid injection and then recommends resting the arm until a full range of motion is achieved. Unfortunately, resting the arm is hard to do when you walk two Dalmatians twice a day. Usually the pain is manageable, but I probably overdid things yesterday when I cleaned up the roof and mowed the lawn. It's irritating that my life has become a daily diary of aches and pains, but I really can't complain. So many people have it much, much worse.

There wasn't much on the agenda today. Other than walk the dogs and go to the gym, I didn't do much of anything. Dot and Dash gave us a break this morning and were content to sleep in, rather than get us up at the crack of dawn like they usually do. It was nice to get a full eight hours of sleep for a change.

There was a bit of excitement last night when a cicada got inside the house as we opened the door to let the dogs back in. These loud, flying bugs are not what you want buzzing around your living room. I finally managed to catch the thing, but the dogs would have loved to get the bug first. At this time of year, cicadas and June bugs are everywhere and Dash has developed a taste for them. Like Spot and Petey before him, he loves to catch and eat the bugs alive. It's disgusting. To make matters worse, every time Dash manages to eat a cicada, he has runny poop the next day. You'd think he'd learn that these things upset his stomach. He's just like I was before I finally made the connection between pizza and heartburn.

I've been wondering where the wasps have gone this Summer. Every year, the wasps return in May or June and build huge nests under the eaves of our house. I haven't seen many wasps this year, but I found them all today. They've moved into the greenhouse. I guess I never noticed, because the only thing I use the greenhouse for anymore is a place to store the lawnmowers. I could have left the nests alone, but I've been stung by these wasps enough times to consider them the enemy. I got out a can of Raid and quickly sprayed all the nests before retreating to the house. I think most of the wasps are dead, but the remaining ones are pretty mad.

The annual Dalmatian Rescue golf tournament is next weekend. It's hard to believe that a year has passed since the last tournament. It's even harder to believe that a decade has passed since the first tournament. I guess I'll be taking pictures again. I definitely won't be playing golf. The game is a mystery to me.

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