Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 1759

We encountered a turtle on our morning walk today. Dot growled at it. Dash wanted to play with it. And I thought it was a good metaphor for the way the day was going. I didn't really have that much to do today, but everything I started seemed to move at a turtle's pace.

I'll sure be glad when allergy season is over. Every time I walk the dogs or work in the yard, it seems to take hours for my nose to return to normal. I spend the day with my eyes watering and my nose dripping. I guess I could take antihistamines, but they seem to leave me feeling even worse than the allergies they are meant to cure. I've been blowing my nose so much lately that I'm beginning to look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

I got a surprise when I went up on the roof today. All the pecan shells and leaves were gone. I guess last week's windstorm blew them away. There was still some standing water from all the rain, but it didn't really take me long at all to clean things up.

Our house must be on the migration path for the Monarch butterflies this year. I've never seen so many in our yard before. They're everywhere. I've tried several times to photograph the butterflies, but they don't stay in one place for very long. The only times I've gotten good photos of butterflies is when I catch them feasting on the nectar from flowers. We don't have many flowers in our yard, but the Monarch's do seem to like to flutter through our Oak trees.

Today's work consisted mostly of answering client's questions and asking a few of my own. Very little got accomplished. I'm glad I bought that slab of bacon yesterday. It sure tasted good with breakfast this morning and seemed to keep me in a good mood despite all the frustrations.

Dot seemed a bit slower than usual in the underwater treadmill at our physical therapy session today. On the other hand, she responded very well to acupuncture, so the visit was still a success. On the way home, I noticed that there was a bad traffic jam on the freeway, so I decided to take the back roads. This wasn't a good idea, because I must have passed at least ten 20 MPH school zones. The crowded freeway probably still would have been faster.

I still haven't gone to Northern Tools to look at generators, but maybe I'll go tomorrow after my breakfast outing. I'm convinced that if I actually do buy a generator, there won't be any more power outages. Janet says that if that is the case, the unused generator would actually be a good investment.

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