Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 1777

I voted today. It was easy to find a polling place. You just look for a nearby church or school with hundreds of yard signs out front. I always wonder why so many judges run unopposed. There were pages and pages of judges on the ballot with no opponent. I didn't know who any of them were. I think the only people who are interested in these local judge races are lawyers. All the lawyers in our neighborhood have a big sign for some type of judge in their yard. I think most of the propositions on the ballot are purposefully written to confuse voters. You have to read them really carefully or you can easily end up voting exactly the opposite of what you had planned. We have voter ID here in Texas, but it didn't seem to be causing the problems that some pundits claimed. Since everyone drove to the polling place, they all had driver's licenses.

I don't understand the fierce opposition to voter ID anyway. Disabled and elderly people have been able to vote by mail in Texas for decades, so not being able to drive really isn't an issue. Everyone else needs an ID just to be a functioning member of modern society. I probably get asked to show my drivers license a dozen times a week. You can't fly without showing an ID. Many stores ask to see a photo ID before you use your credit card. Very few doctors will treat you without seeing an ID first. Banks want to see your ID. You really can't do much of anything without having an identity. Why should voting be different?

Personally, I think we should be making it a little harder to vote. I don't care who you vote for, but I think you owe it to the other voters to at least be familiar with the issues and the candidates. If you haven't got a clue, just stay home.

I ordered a wireless microphone system for an upcoming video project today. The radio mics cost more than what I'll make from doing the video. Do I care? Obviously not. Writing still pays the bills for me. For the most part, video and photography jobs are just an excuse to buy cool gear. The wireless mics probably aren't even essential for this particular job. I just want to see how they work.

One of my neighbors asked me if I'd made a hand print in the new concrete bike path that's slowly taking shape behind my house. Nope. Somehow, the thought of sticking my hand in wet concrete never crossed my mind. This guy was real excited though. He said his hand print would last for a thousand years. Maybe he meant to say ten years. Nothing lasts very long in Dallas.

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