Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 1783

It was a busy day. Janet and I went to a fundraiser lunch for a group that works to improve the park behind our house. I love walking the dogs in the park, but never dreamed there were so many competing interests trying to shape its future. Some people love the new concrete bike path that the city is building. Others are outraged that the path cuts through an owl sanctuary and are trying to get the path rerouted. Some are happy that the city arborist is planting new trees to replace the ones that have been uprooted by wind storms. Others think the entire effort is misguided, saying that the young oak trees are being planted too closely together and will not thrive. Some are alarmed at the growing homeless population in the park. Others want to add more picnic areas to make the area more inviting. For every view there is an opposing view. Such is life in the city.

After an enjoyable lunch we returned home to let the dogs out to pee and then went to our  second event of the afternoon. This one was hosted by an animal rescue group we both like. In the past we have brought dogs from Dalmatian Rescue to this event to help them find their forever homes. There aren't as many abandoned dalmatians now and the group has gotten better at finding them homes. Instead of a lot of dogs waiting for homes in a kennel, we now have a waiting list. I wish all the rescue groups had a waiting list. There are still so many wonderful dogs who need homes.

There was also an AIA tour of homes today, but two events in one day was plenty. I wish I'd known though that you could visit individual homes without purchasing a ticket for the entire tour. There is one home near ours on the tour constructed using fourteen large metal shipping containers like the ones you see on container ships. I would have loved to see what this house looked like on the inside. 

The dogs don't seem to understand the time change. They wanted their breakfast an hour earlier than what the clock said and were ready for dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon. This happens every year. Eventually they adjust to the new schedule, but at least for now they are convinced that we are withholding their food. They'll both be happy to know that I will be feeding them a little earlier as the days grow shorter. I'd much rather feed them early than walk them in the dark and run into a coyote.

I watched the new "Dark Waters" episode of Dr. Who this afternoon and have to grudgingly admit that the writing was better this time. This episode was complex, full of nuances, and a bit scary. I will never think of cremation quite the same way again. My main problem is still Clara. How can she be a normal schoolteacher this season after she was "the impossible girl" who jumped into the doctor's timeline and then died over and over again throughout time to keep the doctor out of danger. It's almost like the writers just forgot about all the previous seasons. Continuity lapses in films drive me nuts. I notice the little incongruities and they ruin the story for me.

Won't you be glad when this election is over? I've had my fill of the constant campaigning and relentless negative advertising. Both sides are guilty. Most voters don't seem to care about the real issues anyway. They just pick a team like they are watching a football game and root for their team. It's all about winning. Politics and football have a lot in common.

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