Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 1786

Although the rain continued today, it seemed a lot more tolerable than yesterday. It was easier to find little windows of opportunity where I would walk the dogs without getting wet. It was a bit warmer than yesterday. And most importantly, I had enough work to keep me busy, so the day passed quickly. Ordinarily, I would have gone to the grocery store on a day like this, but I scrounged for leftovers in the refrigerator instead. I still didn't feel like driving.

I was finally able to contact someone and get them to sell me a replacement for the broken part of my iPhone case. Actually, I was very impressed by this type of service. It's virtually impossible to buy component parts anymore. It's a throw away society now and typically when you break something, you just throw it away instead of trying to repair it. If I ever upgrade to an iPhone 6, I'll buy another case from these guys. Anyone who makes a product that is repairable and then actually encourages you to repair it is worthy of a little loyalty in my book.

I can't figure out why there seems to be more mosquitoes inside the house these days than there are outside.  I know that some fly inside when I leave the back door open for the dogs, but I never thought they'd thrive indoors. That's what's happening though. They must be breeding. At least these are very slow mosquitoes. They are very easy to swat and kill when I notice them flying around. I thought the warm dry air would kill the little beasts when I turned the furnace on for the Winter, but all that did was make my sinus problems worse. Eventually, I'll get all the mosquitoes though. What else is there to do on a rainy day?

I wish I had more writing jobs. Writing seems so easy compared to the more technical things I do for a living. Website design is problematic, since the technology keeps changing. People's expectations are pretty high now, and I find it harder and harder hard to keep up with the latest developments. Photography has its own set of problems. I'm an excellent photographer, but I've really grown tired of hauling heavy lights and equipment around. With the budgets I work with these days, it hardly seems worth the effort. I often feel like showing up for assignments and just taking pictures with my phone.

I think the rain is over. Tomorrow is actually supposed to be a nice day. I certainly hope so. The refrigerator is empty and I need to go to the store. Dot has an appointment for her physical therapy session too. If I get caught up with my work, I may even go up on the roof again. I know there's a lot of water waiting for me up there.

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