Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 1787

It was nice to see the sun again. The skies were clear this morning and the temperature was a brisk 65 degrees. The dogs love this kind of weather, so we started the day with a long meandering walk. After a leisurely breakfast on our return, I reluctantly acknowledged that it was still a work day and turned on the computer.

It wasn't a terribly busy day, but there was enough to keep me busy until it was time to take Dot downtown for her weekly physical therapy appointment. I've grown to look forward to these vet appointments because they're about the only time I chat with people anymore. Janet frequently leaves for work before I get up and by the time she returns, it's time for bed again. I'll talk to the dogs during the day, but they don't listen unless they hear the words dinner or treat. It's not much of a conversation.

It's time for my annual physical again, but I keep postponing making the appointment. I guess I've just grown tired of doctors and blood tests. I suppose I'll need to go soon though, since the renewals for all my prescriptions are linked to these yearly visits. My doctors always say that they'll never prescribe something for more than a year at a time because it is important for to review your meds periodically. I'm sure there is some truth to this, but I've always suspected that withholding prescription renewals is just a clever way to make sure you return for a visit. I'm probably like most people. Even though I believe that preventative medicine is a good thing, I don't even think about going to the doctor unless I feel sick.

Dot seemed to feel a little sick this morning. She kept acting like she was going to throw up, and then when I took her outside, she just sniffed the air and did nothing. We repeated this routine several times and then she calmed down and went to sleep on her dog bed. The rest of the day, she was fine. Maybe she just had a mild case of heartburn or an upset stomach. When I asked the vet about this odd behavior, she said it probably meant nothing. She did say that if Dot started experiencing reflux or heartburn frequently, I should probably take her back to the cancer center for another re-check. So far, so good though. Dot did very well on the underwater treadmill today and seemed to have plenty of energy on her evening walk.

I never got around to going to the grocery store today, so I just went to Chili's on the way home from mailing some letters at the post office and picked up a cheeseburger to go. I very rarely do this, but the burger was certainly good. Another forbidden pleasure. I would probably be ten pounds heavier if I ate like this frequently.

I have several writing jobs waiting for me tomorrow and I need to remember to make reservations for Thanksgiving dinner as well. Those things can wait though. As always, the first thing I'm going to do is enjoy a great breakfast at my favorite restaurant.

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