Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 1794

We are still in the grip of an arctic cold front that has sent temperatures tumbling to the mid 30's. Surprisingly, the dogs seem to find this cold weather invigorating. They walk along briskly with their noses in the air and their tails straight behind them while I attempt to keep up, bundled in layers of warm clothing. Dot is too unsteady on her feet now to walk in snow anymore, but when she was younger, she would love our occasional snow days. I'm just the opposite. I do my best to avoid extremes and would prefer a year that has only two seasons: Spring and Fall. Seattle was kind of like this, but it rained all the time when I lived there. Occasionally, I have visited places that seem ideal, but unfortunately living in Santorini or Hawaii isn't entirely practical.

Every Summer I fantasize about living in Wyoming or Montana and then on the first day of Winter, I remember how cold those places can get. I spent a Winter in Idaho once and it was far too cold for me. Is there a place where the scenery is beautiful, the cost of living is low, and the temperature is always 70 degrees? Oh, there shouldn't be any bugs or snakes either. Maybe I'm being too picky.

It's hard to believe that we've been doing Dot's physical therapy for well over a year now. I've been a lot more faithful about getting Dot to her weekly water therapy and acupuncture sessions than I've been about going to the gym myself. There is no way of knowing how well she'd be doing without all this extra attention, but I remain convinced that the physical therapy is working. For a dog as old as she is, Dot is still remarkably active. Today was a good day. She did very well in the underwater treadmill this afternoon and still had plenty of energy during her evening walk.

Although the week got off to a slow start, I have plenty of work to do now. I wish the jobs had come in earlier in the week, since I've started thinking of Friday as a vacation day. I can't really complain though. Work keeps the mind agile and pays the vet bills. When I get caught up with the current batch of assignments, I might go see Interstellar at an IMAX theater. They say since Christopher Nolan shot the film using IMAX cameras, it looks spectacular when seen in one of these immersive theaters. Knowing me however, I might just wait until next March when the DVD comes out. It's a long movie and I still hate to leave the dogs this long.

The HVAC guys have rescheduled their appointment to install my new thermostat for tomorrow, but I think I'll still have time to go out for breakfast anyway. The trip to the grocery store may have to wait. The way things are shaping up now, tomorrow looks like a very busy day.

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