Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 1872

It's Friday and I'm back in Dallas. I'm not much of a traveler, but when you do get me out of town, I always hate to come back. My Friday breakfast outing didn't seem so special today. Since my memory is like a sieve, I quickly forget all my responsibilities when I'm away and learn to enjoy living on the road. It's kind of nice having a maid make your bed everyday and clean up after you. Eating out in strange new cities is usually an interesting change of pace from my usual fare as well. I never listen to the news when I travel and seldom use my phone. It's kind of peaceful staying in a nice hotel. The only thing that would make the experience better would be if the credit card bills went to someone else.

Even though I enjoyed my trip, I'm glad that I didn't end up staying in California another day. The launch didn't happen this morning after all. It ended up getting postponed until Saturday morning and some of the people who ended up going to a lot of trouble getting their airline reservations changed, just so they could come back to the viewing site on Friday, still won't be able to see the launch. When the launch was scrubbed yesterday, one of the NASA folks standing next to me said, "This is what NASA is like. It teaches you patience."

I do have the patience, but I also had other things to do. I have a big photo shoot tomorrow and there isn't that much time to get ready. I spent the morning unpacking from the trip to California and the afternoon gathering my gear together for tomorrow. Our house is so small that I can never keep everything in one place. Backdrops and props I don't use very much often get lost in the storage warehouse when I throw other stuff on top of them. As most of you know, I'm pretty forgetful too. When I was in California, two people retrieved my reading glasses for me after I'd inadvertently left them someplace. The rental car agent had to remind me that I'd left my laptop on the counter. When I went to return the rent car on my way out of town, I couldn't find the car keys. I was just about ready to go back to the hotel and ask them if they let me back in the room again to search for the keys when I eventually found them in a jacket pocket. The reason I thought I'd lost the keys was that I always keep car keys in my left front pants pocket. Lord know how they got in the jacket pocket, but I never thought to look there.

I spent quite a while today answering the messages that had accumulated during my trip. There was nothing as urgent as the voicemail messages made it seem. In fact, there was nothing urgent at all. I could have easily gone another week without checking my voicemail and the world wouldn't have come to an end. I'm convinced that some people like a crisis. If there isn't a handy crisis available, they will invent one. It isn't just clients that like a crisis either. My bank seemed worried that I hadn't picked up my new checks yet. Jeez, I still have some of the old checks left. Why would I need the new ones now?

Whenever I fly, I'm struck by the fact that much of the country is still completely empty. Everybody is crammed into a few crowded cities surrounded by thousands of miles of nothing. Why do we even need these cities anymore. As soon as Elon Musk gets his network of cheap internet satellites launched and Amazon perfects it's drone delivery service, we could all live in the middle of nowhere without giving up much at all. More and more corporate people are working out of their homes already and GoToMeeting software has almost completely replaced sitting around a conference table. I'd love to live in an isolated area like the countryside around Vandenberg, as long as I had good broadband service and FedEx delivery. A helicopter to take the dogs to the vet would be nice too.

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  1. I'm with you about the middle of nowhere. I am not quite that far out, but not bad. Now I just need that remote job that pays well.