Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 1852

I'm glad my video shoot got postponed today. The weather was nasty. It got colder and colder as the day progressed and then it started to rain. We may even get some snow later this evening, but we'll have to wait and see. I'm glad the furnace is working well this Winter, because staying warm was my number one priority today. The dogs got their regular walks of course, but they didn't dawdle around smelling things this time. Even Dash has finally learned that the quicker he poops on cold, wet days, the quicker we can all return home where it's warm.

Janet spent the day helping to transport a newly rescued Dalmatian from South Texas to the Dalmatian Rescue  kennels here in Dallas. I probably should have helped too, but I thought I would be working today. It was just as well that I stayed here. Dot and Dash didn't have to spend the afternoon alone on a cold, wet day and Janet got to get away from my gloomy negativity for a while. Jack, the new guy, is a bit overweight, but he's going to be a very handsome fellow after he goes on a diet for a while.

I'm very close to finalizing my travel plans now. I can get very close to my final destination if I'm willing to make one leg of the trip on a small turboprop commuter plane. On the other hand, I can stay on big commercial jets and spend a longer time driving up a remote stretch of California's scenic Highway 1. This may seem like an easy decision for you, but I don't like to drive and I don't like to fly in propeller planes either. Decisions, decisions.

I woke up this morning feeling like I'd slept on the brick floor. I was sore all over. My right arm is sore from all the stretching exercises I've been doing as part of my physical therapy. My left arm is sore because it's taken over the task of holding the dog leashes on our walks. Dot and Dash always seem to walk on my right side, so it's no surprise that my right shoulder eventually became a problem. Now that I'm consciously trying to use my left hand more, I'll probably just end up with two bad shoulders. Now that I think about it, I wonder why both dogs prefer to walk on my right? We've been going to training class for years and years. Our instructor always told us that a dog should heal on your left side. We practiced this every Wednesday for years. Evidently Dot and Dash didn't pay any more attention at class than I did.

If it warms up a bit tomorrow, I'll go to the gym. If it stays as cold and nasty as it is now, I think I'll just stay under a blanket.

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