Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 1861

My physical therapy is drawing to a close, so I thought I'd ask my therapist if I was doing my regular workout correctly. Nope. Not even close. Apparently, I am running through the routines on all the machines I use way too fast. Instead of doing the allotted number of reps on each machine as quickly as I can, I should be adding more weight, and doing fewer reps in a slow measured way. Jeez. If I do things correctly, it will add 45 minutes to my workout. It soon became obvious that I just wanted to do the resistance routines as fast as I could and go home. When I explained my time constraints to the therapist, she seemed to give me a troubled look that clearly said "You're doing this all wrong."

The dogs got a bath this morning. Usually we bathe the dogs on a Saturday, but Monday morning is much better. Dot and Dash both got a tub at the dog washing place immediately, with no waiting at all. Dash was calmer too, since there weren't a lot of other dogs barking and creating a commotion. I'll have to remember to save Monday mornings for dog baths. This is the first time I can remember that bathing Dot and Dash wasn't an ordeal.

After the dogs got their bath, I drove down to the UPS regional service center to pick up the little point-and-shoot camera I ordered last week. It's weird that I find it so much easier to pick up a package at a UPS facility, rather than have them deliver it directly to my house. Home delivery sounds like a good idea until you have to wait around all day to sign for a signature required package. I'm the same way about the post office. Even though I know that our mailman will pick up letters if I leave them in the mailbox, I always drive them down to the post office instead. Mail is a one way journey at our house. It arrives in the mailbox, but it never leaves that way.

I finally made an appointment to have my crooked wisdom tooth removed. I'm in no real hurry to have this surgery after trying my best to avoid it for twenty years. I just asked for the first day when the dentist could remove the tooth at 10:30 AM. I have an appointment with a different dentist tomorrow to fit the retainer he had made for me a few weeks ago. I've kind of forgotten why I even need this retainer. I don't think I'd need it at all if I had all four wisdom teeth removed like the oral surgeon suggested. One tooth is plenty though. This has all become very complicated. Dot has one of her periodic cancer rechecks tomorrow as well. She gets an ultrasound scan every three months to make sure that no new tumors have re-appeared. Maybe someday I'll do something that doesn't involve doctors, dentists, or vets.

My anti-virus software is expiring soon, so I looked on Google to see where I should go to renew it for another year. When I clicked on the link to the software company, the anti-virus software told me that this was a dangerous and suspicious site and blocked me from going there. I thought this was funny and a bit ironic. Evidently dentistry isn't the only thing that is becoming too complicated.

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