Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 1943

My accountant called and told me my taxes were done. My refund this year wasn't even large enough to cover the cost of preparing the tax return. Too bad you can't deduct pet expenses. I would have come out a lot better this year if I could have deducted all the vet bills for Dot and Dash. I would have come out better if I had remembered to send in my Quarterly Estimated Taxes too. Oh, well. At least I won't have to worry about taxes for another year.

I may have to worry about Tent Caterpillars though. When I was watering the lawn this afternoon, I noticed that we have a huge infestation of Tent Caterpillars. There must have been hundreds of the bugs on one tree alone.  The annual invasion of insects has begun. I never know what to expect. One year it will be bagworms. The next year it could be wasps. A few year ago we had to have beekeepers come out and remove a huge bee hive that appeared one Spring inside the roof of our house. We could hear the bees buzzing above us when we went to sleep at night. At this time of year there are tons of Crane Flies. These slow moving insects look like giant mosquitoes and are attracted to light. They gather around the back door and whenever I open the door to take Dot outside, they fly inside. The bugs are harmless and easy enough to catch, but they are a giant nuisance at this time of year. The house is full of them because when I help Dot outside using the Help 'Em Up Harness, I leave the door open so Dash can come out too. Dash takes his time, but the bugs are very quick.

I ran my Saturday errands early this morning, so Janet could do hers later. When I picked up a prescription at the pharmacy, I asked the pharmacist why the price of one particular drug kept changing every time I picked up a new bottle. "The price of this one just goes up and down," the pharmacist said. Why? I still have no earthly idea.

The dogs were good today. I was able to do several loads of laundry, wash the dishes, change the sheets on the bed, and kill a bunch of Tent Caterpillars while they were sleeping. Dot seems much more content now that she has a bit more freedom. She never liked being confined. Before her injury, she would spend most of her time sleeping under my desk, unless I was headed toward the kitchen where there was food. Now that she has to spend time in her pen, she always seems to have things to do and places to go. It certainly didn't take her long to learn that barking was the quickest way to get out of the pen and go somewhere else. Today was peaceful though. There was only one minor barking episode. When I looked at my watch I realized that the dogs were right and I was wrong. It was time for their dinner.

I wonder if I'll ever get back to the gym. It's time to mow the grass again and the car is looking dirty as well. I forgot to pick up more heartworm pills for Dot and Dash and I'm sure there are a number of other things I've forgotten too. Sunday is a time to remember what you forgot on Saturday. For a brief time right after I joined the gym, I went three times a week. How did I ever have that much free time?

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