Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 1944

In case you haven't noticed, there isn't much point to this blog. I'm not selling anything. I don't even care if I have a lot of followers. This is just a marathon record of everyday life, which I slowly expand, one day at a time. Maybe it will mean something one day. I don't know. When I started this, I knew I wasn't very good at making commitments. I thought writing something that I would continue until the day I died would be rather audacious. It probably is. I haven't missed a day yet, but I sometimes wonder how much longer I can continue this quest before it drives me stark raving mad.

The trouble with everyday life is that in between the occasional awards, accolades and moments of discovery are long stretches of nothing. Maybe finding meaning in the long stretches of nothing is what life is all about. Today, when Dash and I were walking in the park we crossed paths with an avid birder who was trying to take pictures of owls. He wasn't able to find the owls today, but seemed excited that he saw a rare red headed woodpecker. We talked for a while and I realized that even though I was no naturalist, I had observed every one of the animals, including the rare woodpecker, that the birder regularly drove across town to catch a glimpse of. This guy knew a lot more about birds than I'll ever know, but I had an advantage. I am always here. Day after day I watch the seasons slowly change and I see things. I see things that others don't because I don't have to be lucky to be at the right place at the right time. There's always another day. Maybe that's what this blog is really about. When you relentlessly do something over and over again, you eventually start to see things that others don't.

Dot is really feeling better. She still stumbles and her legs are weak, but she walks with purpose now. You can tell she wants to walk, and that's probably the key to her recovery. Today she made it all the way to the top of the small hill we are now including in her short morning walk. It's taken about a week to conquer the little hill a few steps at a time, but we're making progress. This is one thing I've learned by keeping this extended journal. Change doesn't often happen fast enough and it seldom happens on your schedule, but changes do occur if you are patient enough. By taking things slowly and not expecting miracles to happen overnight, Dot is slowly but surely beginning to walk normally again. Maybe, over time, my shoulder will return to normal as well.

The yard looks nice now. I mowed the grass in the front yard this morning and watered the new grass in the back. I think I've gotten rid of most of the Tent Caterpillars, but there could be thousands more hiding in places I can't see. I saw my first snake in the yard while I was pulling weeds this morning. It was just a baby snake, but baby snakes have mothers. Have I mentioned I don't like snakes. Why can't there be more nice animals in the yard, like the pretty turtle I saw today at the lake? Of course if this turtle actually did live in the yard, lord knows what it would do. I'm sure it would eat something I planted.

Janet thought I should go to the gym today, but mowing the grass was plenty of exercise for me. The only place I went today was to the pharmacy to pick up some prescription refills and to the vet to get more heartworm pills for Dot and Dash. There was really no need to get out today. I had bacon for breakfast, the dogs were in a good mood, and I'm pretty well caught up with work. Even though nothing really happened, it was a good day.

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