Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 1946

My impacted wisdom tooth is starting to hurt again, so I reluctantly re-scheduled my dental surgery. Since this surgery was supposed to take place in early February, I was kind of hoping that we would have to start all over again with new consultation visits and the surgery itself could be postponed until June or something. No such luck. They were able to work me in rather quickly. No extra visits needed. One of the reasons I postponed the surgery so long is that the money I had put aside to pay for it got used for Dot's spinal surgery. The other reason, was that I never wanted to have my wisdom teeth removed in the first place. I have been warned that painful teeth can go from mildly unpleasant to excruciating almost overnight, so I can't continue to delay this forever. I'm always a little nervous that even good dentists seldom use board-certified anesthesiologists for surgical procedures. They often just handle the anesthesia themselves. Jeez, I'd hate to wind up the way Joan Rivers did.

Since my mind was on medical things today, I also made an appointment for Dash's annual physical.  Last year when Dash had his annual exam, he was still going through radiation treatment for his thyroid cancer. I hope this year's exam is a lot more routine. The exam won't be long and Dash's vet is nearby, so this will be a good time to see how Dot does on her own. Since she can sit and stand reasonably well now, I think she'll be fine. I'll leave her in a secure area with a non-slip rug under her feet and hope she doesn't bark the entire time I'm gone. If this goes well, I'll feel better about leaving her for a longer amount of time when I go to have my wisdom tooth removed.

There was a noisy commotion in the alley behind our house this morning when city street crews brought in a road grader to grade the surface. Years ago the city greatly improved the dirt alley by mixing a cement product with the gravel that created a hard surface after being exposed to water. For some inexplicable reason, the grader removed all of this hard surface today. Now, the alley is just raw dirt, which will instantly turn into a mud pit the next time it rains. Luckily, we don't use the alley for our cars, but this new development will make the dogs harder to clean up on rainy days. I'll be the first to admit that the alley needed improvements, but the city just made it worse. Go figure.

Work was still slow today, so I continued my quest to rediscover my inner audio engineer. I downloaded missing instruction manuals for more old audio gear and began to re-learn what I used to know by heart. I could probably spend the rest of my life re-learning essential skills that I've forgotten. After I become competent at recording and mixing again, I could get out my watch repair tools and learn to fix watches again. I've certainly got plenty of watches that need fixing. I could learn to process black and white film again and start taking pictures with my old Nikons. I could hook up a keyboard and learn to play the piano again. The list is endless.

I enjoy dabbling. It's too bad I still need to work to pay vet bills, dentists, landscapers, and accountants. I'd be fairly content to get up every morning and re-learn things I've forgotten. If that got boring, I could start re-reading books in my library. These books will seem like new again, since I can't remember how half of them end anyway. I doubt that I'll get the opportunity to be this indulgent though. Re-learning how to record tunes on forty year old gear and re-reading a floor to ceiling wall of novels isn't going to pay the bills.

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