Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 1973

I've got two very high maintenance dogs. I'm amazed at how long it's taking me to do all the dog related tasks that Janet and I typically share. Normally, she feeds them breakfast and I feed them dinner. She gives them their meds and I renew the prescriptions at the vet when necessary. She takes them out to poop at night while I get Dot's special bed prepared. There are many other little things like keeping a clean supply of Dash's protective socks and taking off Dot's Help 'Em Up Harness before she goes to bed at night, but you get the idea. Early mornings are pretty hectic, but once the dogs have finished their morning routine, which always seems to include barking at me while I eat my breakfast, they just go to sleep. As busy as I've become being the commensurate dog butler, there is still plenty of time to do everything I need to do while they are asleep.

There was plenty to keep me busy today. I finished another writing assignment, answered some perplexing website questions, and started a blog for one of my clients. No, I'm not writing the blog. I just got it started. It's time to send out my May invoices, but I'm going to wait until I finish my pile of articles. June is often a pretty lean month, so it seems like a good idea to augment my billings a bit this month in hopes of receiving a decent check next month. 

Dot was in a mood last night. She didn't want to get in her protected dog bed at all. She was like a little kid who'd decided that she was too old to sleep in a crib anymore. Dalmatians are incredibly stubborn. It's pointless to try to make them do things they don't want to do. I removed the special dog bed next to my own bed where she's been sleeping for the past several month and put a bunch of soft blankets in the hallway and bedroom instead. I gated the hallway where she stays when I leave the house, leaving the adjacent bedroom door open, and let her sleep wherever she wanted. When I went to bed, she was sleeping in the hallway, but when I woke the next morning, she was on a blanket right next to my side of the bed. None of this bothered Dash in the least. He just does what he always does, trying to hog as much of the bed as possible in hopes that I will sleep on the floor with Dot.

Surprisingly, we saw the sun today. It was actually a very nice day. Yesterday's rain cooled things down quite a bit and I didn't have to turn the air conditioner on all day. The crisp Spring air and blue skies definitely improved my mood and the dogs were clearly happier as well. It's all too good to last unfortunately. It's supposed to rain again tomorrow and Wednesday, with thunderstorms and more severe weather beginning on Thursday.

I had another banana/strawberry smoothie for breakfast and more soup made from refrigerator leftovers tonight. I'll probably go back to eating regular food tomorrow, because I've used up all the leftover vegetables. There are still more leftovers, but I can't really see making soup out of a leftover Italian pasta dish, or Jimmy Dean sausage patties.

I hope I get a good night's sleep tonight. My plan of sleeping in late every morning while Janet is away hasn't been working out very well. The dogs have other ideas.

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