Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 1992

The rain wasn't as bad today. Our stormy weather lasted from just before dawn until just after breakfast. The rest of the day was fine. Toward mid-afternoon, I even started to see a few patches of blue sky. We didn't lose power at all today. The dogs didn't have any major panic attacks either. I'd have to say that things are looking up.

There were a ton of little errands to run today. I filled the car with gas. I went to the bank. I got halogen bulbs for the living room floor lamps at Home Depot. I picked up a new set of ink cartridges for the general office printer at Fry's. There was a trip to Sam's Club for laundry detergent and paper towels and then it was back home again to get the standing water from the latest storm off the roof. I've been up on the roof for three days in a row, but I am getting much more efficient about water removal. If I bought two more sump pumps and 100 feet of extension cord, I might be able to automate the entire process.

When I was walking Dash this afternoon, I noticed that the Passion Vines were in bloom. Passion Flowers seem to be the rarest of the many native Texas wildflowers I see in the park. I only see these exotic looking plants bloom once or twice a year and it's usually right after a big rain. Maybe that's way I saw half a dozen blooms today, instead of the one or two I see in a typical year. I took a photo and Dash and I were on our way. These blooms don't last long. They might already be gone when we pass this way again tomorrow.

Dot is doing amazingly well around the house now. She doesn't even need to wear the Help 'Em Up Harness when she's inside anymore. She can back up when she's in a tight corner without falling over and can sit down with a lot more grace and finesse that she could even a few weeks ago. The only room that's off limits now is one of the bathrooms that has some pretty slick tile floors. We still use the harness whenever Dot goes outside or on a walk, but it doesn't seem to keep her from enjoying things. I'm so glad we made the right decision and had the surgery.

It's almost time for a new set of ink cartridges for the large format printer. I can't believe I've used an entire set of these expensive cartridges just making small test prints to keep the printer from clogging. I haven't made any large exhibition prints for almost two years. This thing would have gone to the storage warehouse a long time ago if I didn't have to keep using it regularly just to keep the lines from clogging. It seems like things you don't use frequently should just sit there, patiently waiting for you. This is not the case with printers. Whoever came up with that phrase "use it or lose it" probably had a printer like mine.

I wonder what excuse I'll come up with to keep from going to the gym tomorrow? I finished most of my errands and chores today, so maybe there isn't any excuse. We'll see. Believe it or not, it's not supposed to rain at all tomorrow. That would be nice.

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