Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 2002

I spent most of the day staring at a computer screen. There was a long article with a very short deadline to finish and then there was a seemingly endless series of HTML documents to convert to a mobile friendly format. The website I'm working on now is a labyrinth. It took years to create and there are literally hundreds of pages that are largely forgotten about. I have no idea which of these many pages is still important to someone, so I am slowly recreating them all.

There is always a feeling of accomplishment when I finish something. I like being done with things. This makes longer projects difficult for me. Where do you stop? My current web project is going to take weeks to finish and it's already driving me nuts. I prefer things I can finish in a day or less so I can go to sleep with absolutely nothing on my mind. Now, I'll wake up in the middle of the night with a better way to tackle a problem I was struggling with hours earlier. It makes for a long day.

I got a call from the cancer center reminding me of Dot's appointment tomorrow. Since her mini-biopsy isn't until 2:30 PM, she can eat breakfast normally in the morning, but isn't supposed to eat anything else after 8 AM. Her stomach is supposed to be empty when she goes for her test. This means that I am going to have to go out for breakfast tomorrow. The dogs always eat early when Janet gets up. Typically, this is around 6 AM. We walk the dogs after the early risers in the house have finished breakfast and then I eat later after Janet has gone to work. Both dogs have grown to expect that I'll share my breakfast with them, so trying to eat something tomorrow morning without feeding Dot and Dash their prized slices of banana would not be a pleasant experience. They get tired after their morning walk anyway. It will be much easier to just let them take a nap while I go out to eat.

I thought the Spring rain was over with, but a sudden thunderstorm caught us by surprise this afternoon. The storm just appeared out of nowhere. It wasn't even on the forecast this morning. For thirty minutes rain pounded on the roof while bursts of thunder and lightning scared the dogs into moving to their safety zone under my desk. There was lots of wind and my phone even beeped with a flood alert warning. An hour later the skies had cleared again. By the time I took the dogs on their evening walks, all that was left of the brief storm was a damp, muggy feeling in the air. I'm slowly learning to appreciate the rain. I won't have to water the grass today and the storm cooled the air enough so that Dash was comfortable on his evening walk again. Rain is good as long as your roof doesn't leak.

Today was boring, but very productive. I know I won't get as much done tomorrow. I'm going to stay with Dot during her lab tests instead of leaving her as a drop off at the cancer center. It's the least I can do. Vet appointments always take longer than expected, but at least I'll be there with her and she won't have to be waiting in a cage all day for her thirty minute procedure.

Let's hope the lab reports are positive. I'm really tired of bad news.

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