Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 2010

We woke up again to the sounds of rain pounding on the roof and flood alerts beeping on the mobile devices. As soon as I looked out the window, I knew it was going to be a long day. Not surprisingly, both dogs refused to go outside and pee. Dot is like a ticking bomb these days. If you don't get her outside to do her business quickly, she's almost certain to poop on the floor. You can't stop the rain though. What are you going to do? Today's early morning downpour didn't begin to abate until well after Janet had to go to work, so we didn't get the opportunity to walk the dogs together. Amazingly, Dot managed to hold it until the rain took a breather around 9:30 AM. I walked both dogs in turn and a few minutes after I got Dash back to the house, the downpour started all over again. The rain, accompanied at times by very high winds, continued throughout the day. The lights flickered a few times, but the power didn't go out.

I didn't get a lot accomplished today because I spent way too much time answering questions that had piled up in my inbox. Why do people hate to talk these days. They text, they send e-mails, but they never call. I'm so sick of explaining complex technical issues to clients via e-mail that I could scream. I always send detailed answers to all the questions, but it takes so long to type everything.  At least I didn't have to drive up to North Dallas in the rain to meet with my financial adviser. After I told his secretary yesterday that I might want to cancel the meeting if the rain scared the dogs, he called me back and suggested that we just have a conference call instead. This worked out great. I may never go meet anyone in person again. What is the point?

Dot was supposed to start her Palladia treatment today, but the oncologist didn't get things coordinated with the pharmacy in time, so we'll postpone beginning chemotherapy until Friday. I told the cancer center not to include a pair of the special purple hazardous material gloves every time I refilled Dot's Palladia prescription. When Dash was taking the same drug during his year long cancer treatment, I noticed that they charged me five dollars for each pair of these gloves. The gloves last a long time and I've got a ton of them now. You may not think five dollars is much, but it adds up when the chemotherapy lasts for years at a time. I hope these pills don't make Dot's poop soft. Pooping in the house is bad enough, but soft stools will make things even worse.

Maybe I can finally get caught up with work tomorrow. Thursday is usually Dot's physical therapy day, but the clinic called me late this afternoon and wanted to postpone her appointment because the underwater treadmill had broken. I wonder who fixes underwater treadmills?  Dot could probably use a rest anyway. The clinic wanted to reschedule for Monday, but I have an appointment with one of my own doctors on that day. I'm sure Dot won't mind waiting until next week to get back in the tank again.

I usually just throw leftovers in the microwave for dinner, but tonight I decided to cook a warm braised kale salad from scratch instead. The spicy, warm salad was quite good. I surprise myself sometimes. I'm really a pretty decent cook, but I hate the cleanup aspect of cooking. It's a rare day that I ever use more than one pot. Making smoothies in the Vitamix is so much easier.

Tomorrow is a new day. I suspect that it will be exactly like today though. There is more rain in the forecast.

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