Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 2013

No symbolic milestones today. The day after your birthday is just another day. Since it was Saturday, it was a day for chores. We got started early, because Janet had a class she needed to attend. The dogs appreciated our early start and got a nice morning walk before the weather got too warm. After fixing a Smoothie for breakfast, I mowed the grass in both the front and back yards. I removed all the standing water from the roof, which turned out to be a futile exercise, since it is raining again right now. I filled the car with gas, went to the bank, and picked up some things at Sam's Club. That should have been enough for one day, but there was still a lot of time to fill, so I finished writing an article that wasn't really due until Monday.

So far, Dot isn't having any adverse reaction to taking the Palladia pills. I know she's only taken a single dose on Friday, but this is still a good sign. I've got to find some new stickers to put on the dog's pill calender. The calendar is getting pretty crowded. There is a sticker for their monthly heartworm pills. There are little colored dots to indicate when we've given the dog's their regular daily morning and evening meds. There is a different color sticker for Dash's doxycycline, because these pills must always be given with food. I need to find something important looking for the Palladia pills. A gold star maybe. It may seem silly, but it is the only way I can remember all these things.

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer. It's also Father's Day, but since I'm not a father, this holiday has always been somewhat of a non-event for me. Maybe we will have a mild Summer this year. The continual rain is certainly keeping the temperatures down. For the dog's sake, I hope the cool weather continues. Dot has always had a tough time dealing with the heat. With all her problems now, I was really dreading a month of triple digit days. Maybe we'll get lucky. After all she's been through, Dot deserves a cool Summer.

After all the mosquitoes I've killed inside the house, you'd think they'd all be gone by now. Nope. I just got bitten again. The city doesn't seem as worried about West Nile Disease this year, so maybe these are just ordinary mosquitoes. They are certainly a nuisance. I'm debating whether to spend tomorrow afternoon putting a new screen on the back door instead of going to the gym. Screen doors and Dalmatians don't co-exist very well and I've fixed the screen door in the back more times than I can count. The torn screen is probably one reason that so many mosquitoes are getting into the house. Doors have gotten wider over the years and I can no longer find screen wire sized to fit our narrow door frame. I have to go to Home Depot and buy a wider screen and then cut it down to size. The screen has been repaired so many times that it's getting hard to find good wood on the frame to staple the screen wire to. Actually, it's hard to even find staples for my ancient staple gun. At times like these, I realize that the house is only five years younger than I am. I guess we're both Mid-Century Modern relics. All I know is that keeping the two of us patched together is getting to be a full time job.

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