Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 2027 - Independence Day

We should have gotten up earlier this morning. By the time we got around to walking the dogs around 7 AM, it was already starting to get hot. Dot was a trooper though. We made it around our entire morning circuit, climbing the small hills where Dot strengthens her legs and stopping to smell things when she got tired. We all had a nice breakfast when we returned to the house and then it was time to decide whether today was a holiday or just another work day. I guess we all decided it was just a regular day, because Janet went to get groceries, I went to work on a website, and the dogs took a nap.

It's hard to believe that it's been 39 years since the big Bicentennial Independence Day celebrations. I was working at an ad agency in Seattle at the time and remember returning from a day trip to Victoria Island on a boat and seeing huge fireworks displays directly overhead as we slowly made our way to shore through a sea of other small boats watching the celebration. I had a late dinner at a restaurant called Thirteen Coins after the boat docked and I distinctly remember being happy. Times were different then. I often wish I could go back to 1976, but of course you can never go back. You just keep stumbling forward into an uncertain future.

The only thing I celebrated today was the completion of the new Dalmatian Rescue website. Hot days like this are well suited for website design. After a quick trip to fill the car with gas and pick up a few things at the store, I settled in to refine and debug yesterday's efforts. This particular website was one of the first I ever designed and parts of it are over fifteen years old. It was long overdue for a makeover. Slowly but surely, everything I've done over the years is becoming mobile friendly. The new site is much simpler, has a contemporary look, and works well on phones and tablets. Hopefully, everyone likes the new design, because this ship has sailed.

I can hear fireworks going off in the distance. Apparently, the dogs hear nothing, because they are both sleeping soundly on their dog beds. Years ago, all the neighbors would gather together on the shoreline to watch the fireworks displays on the other side of the lake. Spot, our first Dalmatian, didn't mind the noise, and would enjoy going with us on these twilight excursions. Every dog we've had since has been terrified of fireworks and thunder. I'm not wild about going into the park at night anymore myself. Times have definitely changed. 1976 was great. The 80's and 90's were OK. I'm not so sure about 2015.

Today was a good day. Maybe I should be more optimistic. You really can't really complain when you have cheeseburgers for dinner, you finish a new website, and your dogs are both happy. I'm still patriotic about many things on this day, but I do think we're headed in the wrong direction.

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