Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 2059

There were heat advisories in effect today. How did we go from an unusually cool June to an unusually hot August? I'll have to admit that this dramatic change kind of caught me by surprise. I was so ready for a mild Summer that it took a while to sink in that it wasn't going to happen. This is just another beastly hot August in Texas. The only difference between this August and last August is that the dogs are a year older and are having a harder time coping with the heat. Let's just hope the air conditioner keeps working.

I did manage to make it to the gym today. They keep the temperature at the gym quite cold. I don't think I could afford to keep my own house this cold, but it felt nice. I had a good workout, which although it didn't make up for a lack of work at the office, did fill up an empty afternoon pretty well. This time the baby monitor worked. It was reassuring to see the dogs sleeping while I was sweating. I think the Apple Watch is actually shaming me into exercising more. I like to see lots of activity on the health app that tracks my movements, and the only way to keep the activity levels high is to keep moving.

I'm glad we got up extra early this morning. There were still stars in the sky when we left on our morning walk, but you could see the sky start to lighten minute-by-minute. There was a nice breeze and the temperature was only eighty degrees. This may still seem hot to some people, but it was a lot better than the 104 degree temperatures we had to deal with later in the day. I'm not looking forward to next month's electric bill. The air conditioner runs non-stop now and since most air conditioning systems only create a twenty degree difference between the inside and outside air, it's pretty hard to keep the temperature at 72. I'm settling for 76 now. It's about the best the air conditioner is able to do under these circumstances.

Dot didn't get an evening walk tonight since Janet had to work late, but I don't think she was unhappy about the situation. Even after the sun had set, it was still way too hot. When I took Dash out right before I ate dinner, he pooped quickly and then turned around to go home. Dash isn't stupid. He knew it was too hot to be outside. I thought I was home free with Dot, since she did her business in the yard just before I took Dash out. Apparently she thought she was still getting an evening walk though, since she pooped again all over the living room right when I was starting get everything ready for bedtime. I hosed everything off and I'm running a load of soiled blankets now. Sadly, dog poop has become a metaphor for my life.

Tomorrow will be busier whether I have any writing jobs or not. I've got to run down to the UPS service center and pick up a package and then Dot has her physical therapy session in the afternoon. I've given up on having UPS deliver to the house. So many things seem to need a signature and I'm never here when the truck arrives. It's less frustrating to just divert the package to the service center and pick it up there. I hope I can find a parking place when I take Dot for therapy tomorrow. A hair salon moved in next door to the vet clinic and now there are no parking places. As you might imagine, when I take Dot somewhere in the car, we need to be very near our destination when we arrive. We'll see if I get lucky tomorrow. They say that exercise relieves stress and frustration. I don't believe it's true, but if it is, I should have stayed at the gym all day.

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