Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 2066

My teeth have never looked better. Actually, they probably looked a lot better when I was a kid, but they haven't looked this good in a long time. When the dental hygienist asked me if my previous dentist had me on a six month cleaning plan, I laughed and told her that it was more like a ten year cleaning plan. I was a bit embarrassed to admit how seldom I go to the dentist, but I did add that I faithfully use a Sonicare toothbrush and Waterpik every day. She told me that she might have to sand blast my teeth but she could keep them looking good again if I would agree to come in every six months for a cleaning. I promised I would. I have passed the age where I can keep ignoring my health. I remember the terrible problems my Dad had with his teeth as he got older and I'm determined not to suffer the same fate. I've got good strong teeth, but I can't continue going to the dentist once every ten years.

Dot has only been off the Palladia pills for three days now, but I can already see a difference in her attitude. Her left rear leg is still extremely weak, but she is more alert and active now. She tries to get up on her own around the house and seems more eager to go on her two daily walks. I'd like the see her muscle tone and overall strength improve, but this new attitude has to be a good sign. I'm no expert, but I suspect that the chemotherapy was making her uncomfortable and contributed to the increased weakness we've been seeing for the past month or so. If dogs could talk, we'd have a lot better idea what some of their symptoms actually mean. Dot has always been pretty stoic about pain, so things have to get pretty bad before she lets you know something is bothering her. On the other hand, if the UPS delivery guy knocks on the door, or she sees a cat, she'll let you know right away how she feels.

I'll be curious to see whether Dot's vet thinks she has improved when we go for our physical therapy session tomorrow. She hasn't seen her for a week, so she'll have a more objective opinion than I do. I want Dot to get better so badly, that I might be seeing signs of improvement that aren't really there. If Dot continues to become more active, I'm going to ask her oncologist to continue this Palladia free experiment for an additional two weeks. After she has been off the Palladia for a full month, we'll do another Ultrasound scan and measure the tumor again. If the tumor still hasn't grown or spread, there's a chance we could take her off the drug completely. We can only hope at this point.

Work is finally starting to pick up again. I have new writing assignments and more websites to revise. It's nice to stay busy as long as things don't get too busy. It's hard to keep the right balance. I'm either way too busy or there's nothing going on at all. Even today, when I had things pretty well planned out, I ended up being late to the dentist because I encountered unexpected road construction along the way. You just can't plan everything. I didn't have my French Toast and sausages either, because I forgot to take the sausages out of the freezer. We'll see how tomorrow goes. As long as I remember a little more than I forget, I think I'll be OK.

I was trying to remember something I did back in the 80's this morning, so I looked through a few of the old journals I used to keep. They went all the way back to 1983 and were remarkably similar to this blog. The only real difference was that I wrote my posts in a little blank book using a ball point pen and nobody read them. If the Internet had been invented a little earlier, I would have been blogging for over thirty years now. That's pretty amazing.

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